Amazon mug business makes around 10K per month

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What do you think about an Amazon FBA business in the mug/coffee mug business? It has the BSR around 1000 and it makes approximately 10K per month only from one mug. Of course, the seller has quite a diverse portfolio and sells more than this. Do you have any thoughts?
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    Funny, I actually thought about doing this myself maybe two years ago or so. The main hurdles for me was that there are a million and one mugs out there, what makes your so special? Of course this problem isn't unique to coffee mugs, but the product selection on Amazon is already super crowded. Uf you're a marketing whiz maybe you can figure out a good/effective way.
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      Indeed, the idea is to make unique designs... but you will laugh if I tell you that this particular example that I saw is actually a hand drawn cat (like a 4 years child would sketch), showing the middle finger. Completely stupid and has lot's of reviews + this great BSR in just 9 months from being first available on AMZ
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    Sorry, I'm trying to wrap my head around this. I'm not sure the figure you presented is gross sales or profit. Assuming it is profit, which is the only thing that matters, that's a load of mug sales in a month.

    I have no clue what this mug sells for but let's pretend it sells for far more than I would pay for a mug (including shipping) and that you somehow end up with $10 profit per mug. That's 1,000 mugs a month (33/day). More likely, the profit is much closer to $5/mug, at best, which means 2,000 are being sold every month (66/day). That's gotta be some kind of amazing mug to think that just this single mug gets ordered that much over the thousands of other mugs available - and just from the Amazon channel!

    Hey it could happen, I guess, but I'd sure want to see definitive proof - and not just some PayPal screenshot of earnings (which can be faked and also often show combined sales from multiple websites instead of just the one that is being sold).
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    It's doable. Create a shopify store with teelaunch...and then integrate an Amazon account with your shopify store.
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    Good suggestions here. I would use something like RebBubble or something like that and market on Facebook.

    I'm a ski instructor and I see ads about skiing in my FB feed. So create designs that are clever, something people are passionate about and want to tell others about... so designs that would be conversation starters.

    People like to talk about themselves but most people don't want to just bring up topics out of the blue. If there's a mug that says it, then someone might comment and it's a chance for them to talk about themselves... bingo! :-)
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    I apologize for misunderstanding the question. I thought you were considering buying an already existing website business that made that kind of money.

    Knowing that a single mug sold that much doesn't give me enough to go on when the sales could have been generated by dozens or more affiliate website links - especially if it is cheap like almost everything on the Amazon BSR list.

    The problem wth FBA is you need to KNOW that your exact product is going to sell well before you invest a bunch of money in inventory that'll just sit. I think I'd get a couple great designs, test them with John Garuti's "teelaunch" method and if it looks like a winner, get them manufactured for you in China, where you will get better pricing, and then use FBA.

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