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Greetings! Has anyone ever used or currently uses social media autoposters like Ninja Blaster and etc.? If yes, how was your experience with it.

I've used several programs in the past, but my Facebook account was constantly put to jail. Even though I used a different proxy and posting interval was 5-15 minutes.

Does that depend on the program you use, or these programs just don't work these days?

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    Most times Facebook won't care if you're using an app or bot. However, 5 to 15 minute intervals is pretty frequent. I would keep your same bot but space it out to maybe just a couple times a day and slowly make it post more frequently, up to maybe once an hour or so.
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    Yeah, I agree. What in the world would be the purpose of posting so often to Facebook? I can't imagine any place that would be sharing something I am actually interested in that often. I'd unfollow a place immediately that was cluttering up my Facebook thread that often.
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    Sorry I probably did not explained well. I mean posting to Facebook groups
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      I don't think that matters, and if anything that's probably worse. Your reputation amongst that group is going to decline if it hasn't already and your posts will be regarded as spam, you may be removed from the group entirely (if it's not your group).
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    I am in about 1000 groups currently, so I guess one post every 1-2 hours won't be that bad? I mean how much time will pass until I will be done with all 1000!

    Because what I mean was not posting every 5-15 minutes to the single group, but to one after another.

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