Anybody with a VPS using Varnish on their server?

by Myles Sinclair 10 replies
Hello guys,

I've got a VPS and am thinking of installing Varnish to speed up my websites. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who already has this enabled on their server, and how it is working out for you?

Particularly keen to hear if you are using this with WooCommerce sites?
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    I'm using Varnish, it it helps a lot. There are also a host of other things you can do, such as add memcache, static page generation, and several other tricks. Do you know what your Google PageSpeed is?
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      Originally Posted by malonewolf View Post

      I'm using Varnish, it it helps a lot. There are also a host of other things you can do, such as add memcache, static page generation, and several other tricks. Do you know what your Google PageSpeed is?

      Thanks for the feedback. I have been looking at Google PageSpeed Insights as it gives useful information. It doesn't seem to show page load time though? So for that I've been using Pingdom and Gtmetrix. Also good tools for page info.

      My results vary quite a bit from one tool to another. Pingdom shows load times on my static sites ranging from 349ms to 526ms. Whereas Gtmetrix shows the same sites ranging from 1.1s to 1.7s. I'm leaning more towards Gtmetrix for accuracy in this.

      My Wordpress sites tested with Gtmetrix range from 1.3 to 2.1.

      With the exception of my current development site which is the slowest, I've enabled gZip compression, browser caching, and installed cache plugins. It's certainly made the sites faster, but I've been researching what I can do in respect of the server.

      Varnish and OPcache keep getting mentioned and varnish in particular looks very promising!

      How does Varnish cope in regards to sites being updated though, with new content or images being changed? Is the Varnish cache automatically refreshed after a set interval?
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    Will do. Thanks for the chat and feedback.
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    Try Redis as well!
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    You can use xVarnish or Cachewall. Better off testing speed in the browser using Google Network tool than the free website page speed tools which aren't as accurate.
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