ecommerce or ebay for first timer

by junglesea99 14 replies
hi guys,
i've been doing research for online business on affiliate marketing and online store aka ecommerce.
for a start on lower budget, im thinking for dropshipping.
i still can't decide whether to sell on ebay or open ecommerce shop (eg shopify)

noticed numbers of supplier from aliexpress do sell on ebay too which make it quite competitive.
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    Ebay ofc bec it makes promotions so u buy stuff for a cheap price
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    I an new to internet ecommerce too. Aslo unsure of best route-fulfilled by Amazon or droppshipping, digital or physical products.
    One of my frustrations on Warrior Forum is the use of abbreviations. For example what does ebay ofc mean
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      Hey Gasser

      Ebay ofc = The Meaning of OFC is "Of Course"

      next time just highlight the word you looking for, right click your mouse and " make a Search Google for Ebay ofc
      it will open a new tab and pick the one that you like
      That how I found OFC my self

      Mike "ProMike" Leger

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    Go with ebay they do all marketing for you and it will make it easier to get started
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    I think eBay and Amazon FBA are excellent starting points as they have the built-in buyer base. You can start very inexpensively with both platforms and the learning curve is not steep.
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  • You should try ebay affiliate marketing and should work hard on it will get good results.If you open your own store you have to work on both backend and frontend and have to provide your customer best support it goes too tough that's why try ebay marketing.
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    Thanks for the info. I assumed it was some type of ebay sellers programme.
    I have seen a few other examples of shorthand, never thought of right click and search.
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    On eBay, the cheapest listing usually wins. People on there are looking for bargains, not the best quality possible. Therefore, be ready to enter a price war. Price wars are impossible to win when dropshipping from China, so you can pretty much forget this strategy (+ the fact that there are still plenty of people on eBay who chargeback after receiving the product and if you don't have any tracking information that money is gone).

    On custom stores like Shopify you have to bring in your own traffic, yes, but you can perfectly control everything else. You can build a brand and present it the way you want. You can position yourself in a certain segment and only target people in that segment. That way you can eliminate pure bargainers and make sure that you compete with the people you choose to compete with.

    Both options have their ups and downs, but for the long run I'd always prefer an own store AND an own brand.
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    i wish to start affiliate too, but since that will incur some cost especially on creating web, marketing, copywriting etc, i guess will start with ebay first ..

    any suggestion on software use for product listing? im not sure the term used, but its comes with image description which look much nicer..
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