Newbie and with Idea- need help to establish a Platform

by warrensanz 2 replies
Hi Folks,

I'm very new here and I really appreciate this forum. It helps everyone with

I had a idea to establish an online quick search site specialize platform in our country
that will help, cater and assist company purchasers to lessen the time of searching
or getting quotations from suppliers.

With my solid background in sales, marketing and business development, I have
already established the business flow for this platform. I called this platform as a
crossover of B2B and C2B.

My problem now is I don't know how to make a platform online to suit this plan. I need
partners who are knowlegeable to make this platform and also INVESTOR.

Hoping someone from the forum will help me concretize this project. I am very
optimistic that this PLATFORM will become a Multi Million investment someday.
#ecommerce sites, wholesaling & drop shipping #establish #idea #newbie #platform
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