Payment gateway that works with Aliexpress?

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Hi, I am setting up a new dropshipping site using aliexpress, but want to know is there any payment gateway that accepts credit cards and through the same gateway allows me to order from aliexpress. (or any method to accept payment and order product on aliexpress with that money at same time or in future, so I can continue my business cycle)
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    I'm not sure what you are asking here. Are you saying that you want the gateway that collects money customers pay you to also then have funds directly drawn from that processing bank in order to pay your suppliers?

    If so, the only one I know of that does that is PayPal.

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      Yes you understood the point

      and No, paypal dont work with Aliexpress. What I am asking is i collect money from my customer and use same money to order product from aliexpress. Aliexpress uses limited payment option (no paypal, skrill, stripe,...) So, right now I have to accept payment from one gateway and then transfer to my bank and then again transfer that money to whatever payment option accepted by aliexpress.

      The problem is it take too much time (before i use that money) and too much loss of revenue (in terms of commission to bank, transfer, etc)

      So, I want a solution where i can accept money from my customer and use same money with limited time and cost to order product from aliexpress.
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    Well, the real solution is to do what most people should be doing anyway - pay for your orders with a credit card and then pay back your credit card with the money from your processing bank. This is particularly a good strategy if you can get a rewards card that pays you 1-2% cash back for every purchase. That "cash back" takes care of half your processing fees.

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    The gateway used to collect money has nothing to do with paying a vendor on aliexpress, or anywhere else for that matter. Use whatever you qualify for for receiving funds and pay the vendor the way they want to get paid. it is really simple.


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