Using Amazon as a Dropshipping Company for eBay?

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After selling a lot of my own stuff on eBay I done some research on the guys who were selling more than me in the DVD area for example and noticed this on some of their listings:

"Some of our products will be shipped from Amazon as we hold stock at their fulfillment centre"

That's fine I thought as this is perfectly acceptable but I then thought -

What if they didn't have their own stock there and were actually just using Amazon as the biggest dropship/supply company in the Country?

So I looked into it and a few of the sellers were selling around 2000-3000 products per month all shipped from Amazon amongst other places. I ordered one Cheap DVD and it did come Direct from Amazon with the message that 'seller' was sending it as a gift to me.

The prices of almost all the DVDs sold are around less than $1.50 cheaper on Amazon and so by using the free Delivery service also and charging for delivery on eBay, after fees they are probably making $1-$2 per item sold.

Not much you say and it would take a good few hours a day to admin all that but as a full time job you would be making around $2000 per month.

Now if you are using the same Credit Card on Amazon to purchase the stock and have delivered to different customers than surely the benefits of spending over $20,000 per year on one card would be huge wouldn't they?

I know eBay allow dropshippers but Amazon are a bit sketchy in their T&Cs. The Bottom Line is this - Is This Legal?
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    I have seen this question pop up a couple of times on various forums and the general consensus tends to be yes, it is acceptable since you were happy with the price you paid anyway, with no hidden extras.

    Dropshipping is all about sourcing products cheaply and if someone found agood source then why can't they use it?

    You yourself thought it perfectly acceptable didn't you that products would be shipped from elsewhere, is the problem that you didn't find it on Amazon yourself for cheaper? :p
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    No not at all, there's no problem I just wish I'd thought of it before haha

    Must be a lot of hard work though putting in people's details...I wonder if they use affiliate links as well!?

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    Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) requires the product to be acquired by the seller, then shipped to Amazon, before the item can be sold.

    They are not buying these products from Amazon, but rather acquiring through other channels, then sending them to Amazon to let Amazon handle storage and shipment of the products.
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    There are two different scenarios here -

    "Some of our products will be shipped from Amazon as we hold stock at their fulfillment centre"

    If they use Amazon's fulfillment center then it is for products they have purchased and supplied to Amazon for fulfillment.
    This is very different than drop-shipping. Drop-shipping in this context is where they would receive an ebay order, then purchase products from other vendors who are using Amazon's fulfillment center, then specify their eBay customers' shipping address for the order.

    Both are options, both supply the end customer with the same product, but they are very different business models.
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    That's right, he was clearly stating the fact items would be sent from amazon to cover himself if a buyer queried the reason why it came from amazon.

    It's clever but you're right, it does come with risks. But risks that can easily be overcome.
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    I think it's a lot of risks
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    Way, way back I actually did this on some DVDs - it's totally possible. I had to make sure I bought through a marketplace seller who dispatched in plain packaging (not with Amazon plastered all over it!). I also asked them not to include any invoices in my packages.

    I dropshipped several hundred copies of this one DVD, I also tried some others too but this specific title went really well (it was about $10 cheaper on Amazon than eBay). I even made Top Rated Seller just through selling this one product, it was amazing.

    I've seen people on eBay who run an entire business dropshipping DVDs/movies through Amazon. Like I say though be careful because people aren't happy when they buy a DVD through eBay, only to have it turn up in Amazon packaging. It is a good way to make money though - and very easy.
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    yea. i sell on both amazon and ebay,,i listed a bunch of items like this until i started reading feedback more closely of those that were doing this.. and they paid 10 or 20 bucks more say goodbye to your feedback.if ebay buyers find out you are doing this you will recieve negative feedback, and ebay is tightening up on sellers in many areas, i personally pulled all my listings,, i cant afford to lose either account
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    You might want to research DVD fullfillment businesses, as Amazon usually has a big mark-up on anything that goes through them, so why not get the DVD's done cheaper? Having said that, the reputation of Amazon is great, so you'd have to test whether their reputation more than makes up for their higher cost, or not!

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    do you use automatic system on ebay ? i think if have thousand product it need more time to order on amazon. and your profit really low.
    i appreciate your technic..
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    This is very risky - dropshipping as a business model will not work in the long term. This is because, if whatever reason the supplier, ie Amazon in this case, runs out of stock or send goods late you can have very unhappy customers!
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    It is legal in the sense that laws allow it.

    However, eBay themselves are Not fond of it. If you were to make about $2,000 in profit a month, you are probably processing at least 1,500 DVD's a month (which isn't hard to manage yourself) which is about, lets say $5200 in sales a month - eBay is going to want you to call them about your plans with eBay and in a round-about way, ask if you are dropshipping or figure out of you are selling pirated DVD's.

    You said you were already selling DVD's so you might pass eBays minimal inspection. You also have to be careful too because people simply won't like the fact that their DVD's come arrived with an Invoice showing how much You paid, and with the Amazon logo all over the box. This could result in lower DSR's and can kill your business pretty quickly.
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    Hi All,

    I'm a bit late on the scene on this discussion sorry, but I watched a webinar recently on a guy called Roger Langille who is doing this exact strategy and making a killing with it. Naturally I am a little sceptical as I'm sure it is breaking all sorts of t's & c's somewhere along the line, but I am still intrigued. Has anyone implemented any of the idea's with any degree of success?

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    Read this thread... I picked off Roger Langille pretty easily in no time:
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    Someone else suggested that any item ordered as a gift will be shipped discreetly. Makes sense, but I don't know if that is true. Might just have to buy myself a gift
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    I been drop shipping on ebay using Amazon FBA for the last 4 years and it has worked for me and I don't use prime and we at Drop Ship Consultants have shipped product all over the Globe using the drop shipping method and we wrote a book on drop shipping and have sold many copies. I AM NOT WRITING THIS TO SELL ANYTHING JUST THING OUT SIDE OF THE BOX REMEMBER THE WORLD IS NOT FLAT. WHEN A PERSON SAY THINGS CAN'T DONE GUESS WHAT? THEY ARE STUCK AND TO THEM IT WON'T GET DONE. Drop Ship Consultants
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    Fulfillment by Amazon offers a plain box for an additional fee per shipment (0.30 cents I believe). So if it's coming in a plain box then its likely coming from an amazon store that pays for that option.

    That could mean the seller is using FBA or the seller knows which Amazon sellers are using the plain box.
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    Do you know the difference between FBA and Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

    Yes you can choose box plain or Amazon logo for Multi Channel Fulfillments but not for FBA.
    I think you're splitting hairs over this. Help: Fulfillment by Amazon

    FBA is used to describe selling on amazon and selling outside of Amazon, interchangeably (by Amazon themselves).

    The gist is if you're shipping orders placed on (amazon marketplace) it goes in an Amazon box. If you're selling to customers outside of (including using Amazon webstore), you CAN choose to have it shipped in a brown box.

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