WorldWide Brands worth the $299 membership fee?

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I am a web and graphic designer that freelances through my design agency, and I am looking at ways for generating some passive income. I have decided to look into setting up and automating some online stores that use dropshipping, as I want this to be as automated as possible. As I am well versed in web design, branding, marketing, etc, I feel like if I can get a number of these stores up and automated it could make for some nice passive income when I have downtime from my agency.

Currently, I am in the research phase and am just wondering about some of dropshipping/wholesale directories, and what ones are generally looked upon favourably and what ones are not. Being in Canada, I'm hoping to find some quality Canadian dropshippers, and WWB seems to be one of the main ones that offer Canadian hubs.

Is the $299 fee worth the membership, or are there better/cheaper alternatives? I'm interested in hearing some experiences with these guys and also maybe hearing some of the alternatives that I could look into.

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    I would like an answere to that question as well.

    Also, their is another WSO that you can search and have a look at it. Its a blue print of sorts for doing just what your doing... Search "The Four Hour Millionaires"...
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    It is actually much better to do some research and then contact companies directly.

    WorldWide Brands gets recommended a lot because they pay a nice commission. From their affiliate page:
    How much can you earn?

    For every single sale, generated through your unique affiliate id, we will pay you 25% of the price of a Worldwide Brands Membership!

    So you could earn up to $74.75 for just making one sale!

    You can make even more money recommending the Affiliate Program. Our 2nd Tier Affiliate program pays you 10% of every sale generated by Affiliates who have joined through your unique affiliate link!
    Here is one thing I can tell you from experience:
    If you go in communication with a manufacturer they are very often more than happy to dropship for you. Most of the time they do not bother to list this.

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    All of these sites, programs, memberships and so forth suffer under the same problem. All the members get the same access, so how do YOU make money if everyone is on the same cost structure? Well, most just lower their price to next to nothing margin. That's no way to run a business.

    Take your $300 and save it. As other posters suggest, find a market segment, look for manufacturers and find some who will drop ship. You will likely get better pricing and won't have as much competition. Better yet, find an offshore manufacturer and import it. Only then will you really be able to make money! As they say in the eBay world, you make your money when you BUY, not SELL (meaning, get low cost product and make money).
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    yes, buy it
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    Buying into a product where they 'do the research for you' is never a good idea.

    They are NO experts. Especially since the markets move all of the time.

    Let me illustrate this point with a personal story I'm sure I've told before.

    I remember when I was in college I was roommates with a fellow that was really smart in his department. Worked for a professor in research, was on scholarship, etc. So it was no surprise when he got a cushy job working for a huge stock brokerage firm.

    Then one day we were talking and he said HEY! You should check out THIS stock... It's AWESOME. I just bought xxxxx number of shares - and you should buy into it as well. I mean, I'VE DONE A TON OF RESEARCH ON IT and it is going to do AWESOME.

    So what did I do?

    I bought it. A lot of it. After all, he was smart - and did ALL OF THE RESEARCH FOR ME.

    Years later, and being stubborn, It was the biggest dog in my portfolio, losing 90 percent of it's worth.


    It would have been better for me to DO THE RESEARCH MYSELF and EDUCATE MYSELF on the company, the markets, the valuation, etc.

    Being suckered in by promises of how much you WILL make is a red flag.

    This one is my favorite:

    "This is a product, and this is how much it WILL sell for!" (Then they quote an MSRP)

    I roll my eyes so hard it gives me headaches for weeks.

    Is it worth it?

    Not a shaved-naked Weiner-dog's chance in Antarctica.
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    I agree with Julia; ask those who are actually members if it is worth it or not. It's not the be all and end all but it is a great tool, as long as you know it is only a tool, and treat it as such, it is worth it. And yes I do have a membership.
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    You mean to tell me that if I contact a supplier and ask them if their item is 'Authentic' and they tell me it is --- they could be lying?

    And you mean to tell me that I can contact someone who is a 'verified' supplier and they can be terrible?

    You mean to tell me that people can tell me to buy their products and I can be profitable because they have 'done all the research for me?

    Man........... Looks like we should actually know what we're talking about before we contact suppliers --- including pricing, markets, authenticity, etc...

    Who woulda thunk?
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    In the UK, we have esources dot and it's more or less the same as WorldWide Brands. Unfortunately from what I've heard from friends who are members of both, you could easily find the list of suppliers/wholesalers yourself by searching on Google. The market research tools within the members areas are a joke, either not working or giving out wrong information. When you send out messages to the suppliers, you are very unlikely to hear from them and if your lucky to get a response, the wholesale prices are cheaper elsewhere. The members area look great and the sales pages for both companies are powerful but once your in, it goes horribly wrong.

    My advice is to do your research to find products to source from Google and local wholesalers in your area.
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    That goes for suppliers who are 'Authorized eBay dealers' and try to sell you that they are great to work with on eBay as well.

    That just basically means that they paid a fee to eBay to say that.

    They have no other qualifications that state they're good.

    I prefer to have a good, positive, FREE business relationship with a supplier.

    In fact, I send mine a Christmas cards every year, and my best ones do the same. (Actually, my best supplier sends me a Hanukkah card)

    That is the level of cordiality you have with a supplier. It's not a 'who are you?' relationship.
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    In my opinion it is worth the $299. I have been a member of WWB since 2008.

    Granted there are a lot of members and you will be competing with others to sell the same product. You have to decide how much time you want to spend trying to find a reliable supplier or if spending the $299 would be better.

    In order to differentiate yourself from the crowd you would have to take your own pictures and write your own unique descriptions. Once you receive the products you will find new ways to marketing them and your pictures will be uniquely yours.

    You can also search for international suppliers in the "Search Wholesalers" section.

    What I liked best about them is that their suppliers have already been checked out.

    When you dropship you want to make sure that the turn around time is quick. Customers want their products yesterday.

    Keep in mind there are many ways to differentiate yourself online.

    You can offer an outrageous return policy (an idea from Jim Cockrum's book "Free Marketing" - this is a must read if you haven't already).

    You must respond to your potential customers questions quickly. Simply setting up several websites and watching the money roll in may work with simple products, but products that normally generate questions will take up more of your time.

    I used to sell the same products as others on eBay and I did fairly well.

    Unfortunately, eBay and I don't see eye to eye anymore. But they are a great way to start building your traffic (just follow the rules).

    I hope this helps.

    Ollie G

    "A generous refund policy is vital if you are to avoid getting negative feedback left against you online."

    Jim Cockrum
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    I just cancelled my account and asked for a refund after less than a week. The supplier search interface is very difficult to use and you cannot export anything to csv or excel. They have also turned off the ability to copy and paste from the search results, so if you are comparing multiple products in a spreadsheet, you have to manually type the information. Its very cumbersome and looks as if it were coded in 2001.

    Seems like most of the products listed there are mom and pop type stuff that is incredibly niche specific, like homemade baby strollers.

    One supplier on there was selling a type of wood glue that has less than 10 searches a month on google.

    Just my 2 cents
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    I can answer that for you, I joined a couple of years ago, and I think you can find the same wholesalers that he provides just by doing some research on the internet. Not worth the 299 dollars.
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    For some people it may be worth it, for others it isn't. I personally was a member and after a couple of days realized it was not for me and I canceled/refunded. Customer support was very helpful and it was a no-hassle process. The reason for canceling? I was unhappy with the types of products/manufacturers in their directory and felt it was much more beneficial to do the research and contact suppliers directly.
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    Another good alternative is Saleshoo. Membership is much much cheaper also. Personally I prefer Google search.
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    No, not worth it. Not even close. I had a membership there back in 2006 and never found any quality companies to deal with in there. You need to ID your niche, then search out the real suppliers. Just as an experiment, I would usually find the bigger suppliers at trade shows or wherever and check to see if they were in the WWB directory and they never were.

    Realistically, if you're a "real" supplier, would you want to be listed in WWB? You know it's all people that are part-timers selling on ebay.

    Your best bet is finding a trade show to attend. If you can't afford it, then look up the trade show directory online and start searching out their websites. Trade shows are great though because it's efficient.
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    I used to run my own wholesale membership. If I didn't sell it I would give you free access.
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    I am a member of WWB and I can offer the following ...

    1. Giant database with lots of suppliers
    2. Most suppliers, in my experience, are legit

    1. Search tools are not refined. It takes a lot of work to search through and use the tool effectively.
    2. I really wish I could download the database (or even copy/paste listings) so I could sort through it in Excel, keep my own notes, etc. They've locked it down pretty tight and I haven not found a way to do so.
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    During the whole thread there is barely the mention of authenticity, how do you know what you are selling is authentic. If you don't know the supply chain or you don't know the wholesaler is the most respected in the industry there is a good chance that you could come unstuck.

    We have seen reports that not even the OEM staff can tell the difference between theirs and the fake products. The difference is the quality of materials, for example with beauty it can cause skin irritations due to low quality ingredients. In these litigation times it won't take much to be sued - either by the consumer or the OEM - look at the eBay & LVMH arrangement. This is a huge problem and one of the reasons you see department stores growth 20-50% YOY and SMEs static or declining - trust.

    Originally Posted by Importexport View Post

    If dropshippers would explore that option they would be blown away at the profit margins they can achieve.
    In more ways than one if they source non-authentic products and/or poor quality items which mislead consumers and cause health issues.

    The amount of due dilligence you have to do is beyond what most people have the stamina for - go through an agent and you are presuming they did their due dilligence - don't just assume because 1,000s use it that it's fine - you only need one black swan to disprove people who believe there are only white swans in the world.
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