Import list of my ebay buyers to mailchimp.

by NeoN777 7 replies
I have a list of my ebay customers.
I want to add them all to mailchimp list and send marketing emails with link to my shop.
Should I ask people their permission to send marketing emails? How to do this? And how not to get to spam filters?
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    I have never used MailChimp, as any data that you upload has to to be sent a confirmation email...users have to double opt-in prior to being sent any marketing messages.

    You can get around this by adding the users through their API, but MailChimp does not allow affiliate offers. So it may not be worth the trouble unless you're only sending your own offers.

    Do you already have a MailChimp account?
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    So how to make it right? Or better to use different services?
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      I was on the same boat as you just 2 days ago. i wanted to move my list from GR because my emails were junking.

      I'm currently using and i was able to import my list without sending a confirmation email and im also happy with their deliverability
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    you can collect from paypal the emails and import to your Email marketing software
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    Yes, best to harvest emails from paypal as you might be violating eBay TOS if you do otherwise.
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    Did these people that have made purchases from you say they wanted to receive emails? As part of the buying process was their a opt-in form that they filled out? I really doubt the answer to those 2 questions is Yes. So I would not market to them

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    Hey, what's up!

    I've had some good success importing emails into Aweber.

    I simply email support and tell them that my list goes through
    and API, and for them to disable double opt in.

    As for the ethical question of remarketing to your eBay list,
    there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (in my opinion)
    given that you re-introduce yourself as someone who
    has already done business with them,
    and that your intention is to send them more valuable offers.

    To prove your genuine intentions, I would start by sending them
    some sort of FREE offer, either it be a free report, free video,
    you know, something relevant to what they ordered from you
    on eBay.

    Once you set these critical expectations,
    only then you can begin marketing to them other offers.
    Also remember, ALWAYS give them the option to unsubscribe.
    It's just good business.

    Hope that helped stir up some positive ideas and thoughts!

    Great luck to you!
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