How to monetize email list of over 10k

by Ricky Currie 9 replies
I have an email list of over 10k from social media marketing in the health and fitness niche.
The list is pretty warm with a decent open rate. I was thinking about promoting some Clickbank products to begin with. Are there any other better was to begin to monetize this list?
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    Have you thought about creating a simple eBook related to your niche with maybe an upsell?
    This will give you a sense of authority in the eyes of your readers making them trust you even more, all the while increasing your revenue from said list.

    ~ Ron
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    Yes, I've created an ebook but not thought about doing an upsell. I just don't have much experience, what would I use for an upsell? thanks for the input Ron.
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      Anything that compliments the main course. Something that would make the end goal easier to achieve.

      Or, what many do is create the same thing only in video format.

      Some like to learn through the written word, others like myself prefer learning through step by step video.

      If you don't like getting in front of the camera you could always outsource the video creation to someone on Fiverr...Just make sure to look for positive feedback.

      You could sell the eBook @$7 and the oto (video) @ $17.

      Having an upsell really does wonders for the bottom line

      Glad to help!
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    You can giveaway ebook that inside contain affiliate links to clickbank/jvzoo offers
    For only $7 get LIFETIME access to 2000 products in 50+ niches - you can sell and keep 100% profits Testimonial: "this is one of the rare WSO's that is actually a bargain! Well done to Shim for offering this at a good price that should entice everyone.Should you buy this WSO... Simply YES!
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    Diversify: courses, amazon products, clickbank products. Test what works best and keep doing that.

    Need help with Social Media? Let me grow your engagement...

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    Originally Posted by Ricky Currie View Post

    I have an email list of over 10k from social media marketing in the health and fitness niche.
    The list is pretty warm with a decent open rate. I was thinking about promoting some Clickbank products to begin with. Are there any other better was to begin to monetize this list?
    Click Bank is a great site to use, I'm an affiliate and vendor myself. You may also want to take a look at Click Sure and Click Better. With Click Better you can choose if you would like to receive your commissions before the refund guarantee period expires.

    Deon Christie

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    Hey, Ricky! That's very exciting that you have a 10K list!

    If you already established the expectation
    that you will be frequently sending them
    a mix of valuable, free content, and paid offers,
    then what you have is gold!

    If you haven't set CLEAR expectations,
    then personally, I would solidify those expectations
    in order to minimize unsubscribes.
    I would establish myself as a
    POSITIVE and VALUABLE resource that
    will help them achieve their health and fitness goals
    (not necessarily their friend), but a
    professional resource.

    Clickbank and other affiliate sources are great,
    since you'll have an endless supply of products,
    however, be sure to do your due diligence
    on every company and product,
    because if you offer your beloved list a crappy product,
    you'll destroy their trust and will bail on you.

    Hope that got some juices flowing for you!

    Great luck and kick some butt!
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    If you have a good relationship with your list you could just ask them what they are looking for. You can do that with a simple survey box inside the email, one that they don't have to click through any pages. I'm sure if you look into that you will find what your looking for.
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