How can I get people with great email lists to market my product

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Hi there,

I am fairly new to this and want to avoid getting banned for promoting - so I won't!

I have a great product and have prepared the email marketing material, but I'm getting very few hits and I don't believe people are using the marketing material. Or maybe I'm only attracting people with poor lists.

Any advice most welcome!

Thank you!
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    ....Solo Ads?
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      Thanks (such a newbie that I had to look up solo ads!)

      How would I find someone with a suitable list though? Looking for business students, bankers, accountants, business analysts...
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    Maybe we should start by taking a look at the product or service you are offering?
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      the product a financial modelling training course. The appeal is broad - bankers, accountants, business students to name a few. But this also makes it difficult to target people.
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    Yea I would make a run with a few solo ad sellers... Sounds like the traffic you are getting is not at all targeted.. You get a great product with a good solo ad vendor and scale it up..!
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      Originally Posted by Boon187 View Post

      Yea I would make a run with a few solo ad sellers... Sounds like the traffic you are getting is not at all targeted.. You get a great product with a good solo ad vendor and scale it up..!
      And solo ads are somehow targeted? LoL
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    There is probably nothing you can do, but I would say your best chance is to first market their product and do it successfully. After you have made a few sales send an email introducing yourself. Then after a couple of months mention that you have a product and ask if they would be interested in returning the favor.
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    Go straight for the sale, dont introduce yourself, dont build rapport, just send a direct email on why they need your product or service, hard sales work.
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    Email marketing is not much effective and it is outdated. people wont concentrate much on emails. so i suggest you to do offpage and onpage Seo to build quality backlinks.
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      Email marketing is never outdated, and will never be. I get a good number of leads and clients from my email marketing efforts.

      Maybe it just doesn't work for you, or what you do is not enough.
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      Anyway, it could be that you are attracting people with poor lists, or those who don't show interest in the niche you are in.

      So what you can do is to target people with lists who could be interested with your products! Solo ads could work well for you too.

      Good luck!
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      This is worst piece of advice you can give on a digital marketing forum.

      The fact is that SEO is dead and you are pitching your dead horse.

      In fact, SEO depends on google, any time they change algorithm you are basically screwed.

      But Email marketing is like cultivating your own crop. You have control on your list and no one can take your livelihood from you. You are not depended on some big platform like google, and you can control your traffic on demand.

      Email marketing is far from dead. it has changed however.
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    Find people in similar niches and reach out to them, just be straight forward with what you are interested in. Most people with worth talking too don't have time to beat around the bush
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    Have you tested whatever you are providing and have stats that it produces conversions or are you just assuming that the problem is with the mailers not using the materials or have poor lists?
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    Of course, no email campaign was ever built without getting permission to get started, so first we’ll need to focus on building a sizable email list.

    There are many ways you can do this of course. Some prefer to give something away for free while others simply offer a newsletter or product updates.

    I can’t tell you which is the right or wrong answer in this case, but I can tell you that it’s important to have a clear purpose when asking for an address. This is where a strong call to action comes into play, and copywriting is super important.

    What do I get when I give you my email address?
    Are you going to spam me?
    How often will you email me?
    Will I get discounts?
    Will I get a first crack at your beta?
    Will you send me relevant offers or more junk?
    These are the kinds of things you’ll need to address if you want to be successful in phase 1. Simply posting “enter your email for updates” isn’t going to get anyone excited to do so. Instead, consider sharing specifics:
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    the product a financial modelling training course. The appeal is broad - bankers, accountants, business students to name a few
    Are you sure that's your market? Can you compete with other financial modelling books and courses?

    What I see is a product that is unclear. On your site the "about me" page talks about international consultants and experienced professionals - with not one single name/bio listed for your business. On another page you list the types of businesses that might utilize financial modeling - but list not one single business YOU have worked with.

    You encourage freelancers to contact you - and have a signup for affiliates. There is a password protected "members" page - members of what?

    What are you selling? The $99 ebook on Clickbank? The service of reviewing financial models? Clicking on the ebook on your site - I'm taken straight to a "buy" page at Clickbank...not to sales copy for the ebook.

    If the product you are talking about here an 'ebook' or a 'course'? Why did you list it on Clickbank rather than on Amazon? Is the ebook meant to upsell your service or course?

    I personally know little about financial modeling though I understand what it is. However, in my immediate family are several people with degrees and post grad degrees in accounting/finance/business. They would be in your target market due to their occupations - but they would not buy a "general" product or an ebook not written by a recognized financial person.

    You have competition in this niche. You would do well to look carefully at competing sites and the sales copy for competing books. The ones I looked at are far more detailed about WHO is providing the course/service and what their qualifications are.

    If you want others to promote to their lists of have to sell your own product first and have some data to show them.

    I hesitated to comment but so many are focused on general "email marketing" and I don't think that's the problem here. You may have a thriving consulting business and, if so, you don't need my input. But if that were the case, you'd be selling ebooks....
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    Said it the right way.

    You need to have a good sales page and copy. Check some of the competitors sales funnels.
    As soon as I landed on your site I felt overwhelmed, didn't feel like you're offering anything that i'd choose over a famous financial guy.

    The marketing materials might be best ever....but affiliates don't want to waste time on products that don't have a high converting sales page. Your sales page needs work100%.

    I read some really ludicrous replies here. Email marketing is not dead at all. For me email marketing has been bread and butter, I was able to quit my six figure job just because I had good solid email lists. In your case, don't even think about competing with SEO with the old school players. Don't bother with solos for now either. You have other tasks at hand that come before traffic.

    You'll end up spending tons of money on SEO and still be beat by people who made a mark in the market.
    I read someone saying "sell other people's products" or have their product on the "Thank You" page. That is definitely the way of going about getting super affiliates on your side. Sell their product without an affiliate link and then approach them with your product.

    Never use the word "Promote" . Just get them some sales and be like " I have this product i've been working on, mind checking it out, maybe your subscribers would love it".

    Also, you need to approach super affiliates in that niche. Tough niche to find affiliates on WF but you never know.

    Last thing, In internet marketing , numbers speak louder than words. Get some sales through your own traffic generation and then approach affiliates with how beautifully your product converts,

    Before all of this, you need to get a proper sales copy and the site needs some work bro.

    All the best.
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    Hey, what's up! Very exciting business endeavor you're in!

    Here's few thoughts that come to mind for you to think about:

    1) It's tough to use Solo Ads because you really don't know how they compiled their list. Unless you know, it's tough to market to a "general" list. Since you seem to have specific customers in mind, you should consider compiling the list yourself.

    2) Use Facebook Audience Insights to build a custom audience for each of your target customers. If it's business students, create an audience for business students (interests). If it is accountants, then create an audience that includes accountants as a job title, etc. Then once you have built each type of custom audience, you will then need to create a Facebook Ad that will resonate with that particular audience. It would really help if you knew exactly what challenges each type of customer is having, so you can dig into their pains and get them to click your "learn more" button.

    3) Search Google for newsletters or eZines (Google "accountant newsletters") and reach out to the newsletter owners to see if they will do a Solo Ad. This is a pretty direct approach and can be on the expensive side, but at least you know that the email list is very targeted and responsive to your offer.

    Those are some quick thoughts, I really hope it got some mental juices flowing for you!

    Great luck to you!

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    Find the right SOLO ad provider.. I'm in the same niche, see my signature.

    It took quite a number of sellers to find the right one that delivered a good ROI..

    Why? Because the list they built wasn't interested in my type of offer.. they wanted something that was noob friendly..

    I had to go where there were more "intermediate" marketers already in email and looking to "make it work"..

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