How to build a list fast and free

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I need some advice from you guys

I am a not budget newbie in EDM, I am thinking of the free/low cost methods to build the email lists.

1. First , create some content/products review in my social media / youtube and blogs

beside, direct to the sales page, also leave the EDM blanket for people to subscribe

Unfortunately, very less people to subscribe.

2. Youtube MKT, normally, we do product review or tutorial on youtube, and the landing page would be our sales page ( that make sense, right ! ). but just few of the customer will instantly buy our goods or return.

3. I am struggling how to get more people to subscribe and nourishes them as sales

4. This is strange that we provide non commercial contents- just some tips and advice. But the open rate and click rate still bad, however, I send promotion and sales newsletters , that could be a little bite help.

4. I am little bit confuse about how to setup the landing page, when should i leave Email blanket , when should i leave the direct sales page
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    Sharing to you one of the best reference that I have..

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    Agreed with Mujib

    1) You need a SQUEEZE or OPTIN PAGE where you offer a freebie for their email..

    2) From there you need a 30-60 day (daily) autoresponder sequence.. the first 4 days you don't sell them on your product but on YOU the person talking to them.. and why they should listen to you.. it's called creating a SOAP opera.. See here

    3) Now you can introduce your product and continually talk about it in emails with random topics, like this:
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    I believe that if you do it too quickly you won't have a solid list. Build a relationship with people that will give you gold.
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    Hello Double Q,

    If you would like to build a list for free then keep in mind that free will take time! so be patience.

    the short answer to your question is :

    1) you need a squeeze page with an opt-in form.
    2) you need an autoresponder such as , , since you are just getting started with no budget i recommend you using since your first 5,000 subscribers with unlimited sending are free
    3) you need quality content to provide to your subscribers
    4) post your squeeze page url along with the quality content on high ranked websites ex: youtube, comment on high ranked blogs..

    Hope this helps.
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    Great answers on here. I also agree that building a relationship is important, probably the most important.
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    Very good responses, learning a lot here, thank you.
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    I highlighted your title "How to build a list fast and free"
    and did a right click on it and click on search Google for "How to build a list fast and free"

    the first site gave me

    at the middle of the page
    "The Top 10 Mistakes in Online Business"
    "" so we compiled a list of the 10 mistakes we hear most often into a nifty lil' guide. Get the 10 Most Common Mistakes in Starting an Online Business here »
    when you click on the link you get a optin form

    this is a solid way to build a list.

    Mike "ProMike" Leger

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    One of the low cost methods I use is Clixsense. You purchase credits and you can then use them to get people to look at your advert which you can link to your squeeze page. I have had 50+ subscribers for around $10 although the number of subscribers can vary.
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