Using Amazon Ses with Sendy

by kittitian 9 replies
Hi friends

Is any one out their using Amazon Ses with sendy to send out emails
and how successfully they have been suing it
Also is it easy to set up
I want to send out 10000 per day
#email marketing #amozon #sendy #ses
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    I'm not familiar with Sendy. Can you share a bit more information?
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      Very sorry i do not know to much about this system
      Thank you very much
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    some more information?
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    Sendy is an app that you upload to your server. If cost $59 dollars for one domain. It runs through Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). The website says that you can send 10k emails for one dollar. You can check it out at (not .com).
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    I used sendy for a bit. Personally, I would not recommend it but I know a fair amount of people who are quite happy with it. If you are concerned about how many emails you can send out per day, this will depend on the server you install sendy on. Don't install it on shared hosting. You need VPS or dedicated server.
    Also, it will depend on what amazon allows you to send. They have sending limits, and you must apply for them to be lifted. I heard it is not so easy anymore to get a good allowance.

    As for my personal concerns with sendy, I had some problems with the installation, emails suddenly were not sent correctly, empty emails got sent with only the unsubscribe link in it, no emails were sent ... etc. I asked for help, but the owner didn't bother to help, he simply refunded me.

    I would recommend mailwizz instead of sendy. For one, it is cheaper. Secondly, you can use ses plus a bunch of other services via api like mailgun, elastic email, sendgrid and any smtp relay you can get your hands on. You can use one or all of them at once. Support is fantastic, even if you do not pay for the support upgrade package, as mailwizz has a very active and helpful user forum.
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    Well its good if you make good practice and send to only good email list.
    Sending them which causes bounce can lead you to account suspension.
    If you receive complaints from recepients that can also lead to account probation and get your account suspend.

    I would suggest you to search google "Amazon SES Account suspended"
    there you will find some good info about how to avoid Suspension
    I would have shared you the exact link of search but this would lead me to Ban on Worrior Forum :p
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    I want to thank each and every one who post a reply to my post
    Thank s again
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    Done it... I much prefer email Octopus then Sendy for sure
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    Your going to find if you use amazon ses for anything marketing related, your going to get terrible delivery.
    Amazon ses is more suited for people doing transactional email.
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