Who do you find the best for SMTP?

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As the title says above, who do you find the best SMTP provider?
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    Originally Posted by affdaft View Post

    As the title says above, who do you find the best SMTP provider?
    Hi affdaft,

    These threads might help you:
    - Mass Mail and smtp provider help
    - SMTP servers for email marketing
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      Thanks Exynos. It would be mainly for sending purchased lists and I'm finding most services don't allow this because it is classified as unsolicited email in their books.

      But legally there is nothing wrong as the law states that as long as there is a unsubscribe option and the page they are sent to to unsubscribe is a single web page and no more.

      Do you happen to know of any services that would allow me to work with such email campaigns?
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    Hey affdaft, there are couple of "Best" and Reliable SMTP servers available like Amazon SES, MailGun, Sparkpost, SendGrid, Ariticmail and more.. that have been used for delivering bulk emails by the Big guys like Github, Heroku, Pinterest, OnGage, Zapier, Hootsuite and many more!
    If you are using an Email Marketing tool like EasySendy Pro for delivering bulk emails then you can use more than 2 SMTP servers which best fits your Business.
    Hope this helps
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    Don't use easysendypro - it is very expensive. use mailwizz
    As for smtp relays, also check: mailrelay.com. elastic email, Tearcloud, sendinblue
    mailgun and mailrelay are the ones I liked best
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    Here is a link to several email marketing providers. http://alternativeto.net/software/mailchimp/ You should research these companies and find one that matches your needs. There are several on this list but maybe sendinblue or hotsol might work for you. You may need to set up a dedicated server architecture for your purposes. If you must send to purchased list don't try to sell to them immediately. Instead send emails asking them if they would like to receive information regarding the various products you may offer. If they opt-out remove them immediately. Use your efforts to build an opt-in list of subscribers who are interested in what you have to offer, using your best efforts to segment the list. Send relevant and informative content before you try to sell to the list. Its tough when you haven't cultivated your own opt-in lists and many have this problem. However, if you are smart in your approach, over time you will have a vibrant list of active subscribers. I wish you luck in your endeavors.
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    You can give a try to Email Push.
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    You don't want to work with an ESP/SMTP that allows purchased data to be sent.

    The reason why you use ESP/SMTP services is because most of them use shared IPs. Which you can then piggyback off the good IP reputation (in most cases) that the users create, allowing you to get decent inbox rates.

    If you were to find a service that did allow you to send purchased data, their IP reputation / deliverability would be poor. Because no one would be concerned with any negative consequences for sending crap data. Even if they were to provide a clean dedicated IP, you would need to warm the IP up and you need quality data to do it.

    There is far more to buying data and just sending it.
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