List of 100000 US Emails - Need Advice from Email Experts

by seofahad 4 replies
I got an email list of 1,00,000 people. I want to know how to check if these emails are valid and also how to sent the mails so that they may be able to reach in the inbox.

Thanks in advance!
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    To see if leads are valid you need some Email Verification & List Cleaning Service like neverbounce
    google for it

    sending is wuite a different matter - there are about a hundred threads on here - search!
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    there are many email lists hygiene software online, is good.

    is it 1 million or 100k? if its 100k you can find online smtp and email marketing software you can use. if its 1 million you will need your own SMTP server and a strategy to deliver that kind of volume. divide your list into smaller lists, and send multiple mailing. make sure to maintain a good reputation. by following best practices.
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    I use these to clean lists:
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    There are a numbe of services available online to validate these emails but they will cost you a fortune.

    Your best option is to get a Bulk Email server and send a cold email to all these prospects. then download the list of emails that got delivered and filter the bounces.

    Any bulk email marketing service will be helpful in this regard , but most services do not allow you to import your lists.
    Signature Email marketing service , single and double optin accounts. List Hygiene Service Available.
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