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I am new to email marketing and just started an online business in health and wellness. I have tried some FB ads but it is not going well at all. What is the best way to start email marketing. This is harder than i thought it would be. Thanks! from a newbie
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    You can build a solid FB fan page in your niche, add some quality content, images, articles etc. then run a Like campaign for about $5/day to like your page. Then you can put together a good report in your niche and post your link to your page fans. Also visit other common groups with your opt-in report or giveaway.
    Just a few thoughts of wishes
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      Thank you! I didn`t think of the $5 to like my page idea. I have just set up a FB page and will add more content. I also have a good report for my niche already but it has been hard to advertise on FB as they keep rejecting my ad so I keep changing the wording....anyway, i will try your idea. Also many FB groups do not allow adverting so i am still trying to find some groups that do. Forums are also very tricky with no advertising allowed.....been spending hours trying to find forums where i can advertise my report....... so hard to get started many thanks again....any more ideas most welcome
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    Hi mandizw,

    Being in this industry for past 5 years, let me give you some tips on how you can excel in this field.

    Email marketing will come under the category of re-targeting, so instead of just only collecting peoples email, what you can do is you can attach re-targeting pixels in your landing page or website, so that whenever people visit your website or landing page the pixel will go sit on the peoples browser (trying to explain in simple terms, but it is way technical than you think) so when ever they try searching any products similar to yours, your ad will pop up.

    re-targeting is the present and future, which is gonna rule the internet marketing.

    As a newbie you can start with facebook re-targeting it is easy and cheap.

    If you do have any doubt, try to reach me, i will try to clarify your doubts...
    Intenet Marketer since 2012, Contact me if you have any doubts, i believe i can help you
    SkypeId: live:m.anandnataraj | FaceBook:
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      A great tip there and certainly the best way to take advantage of your ad spend...thank you as well
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      Thank you anand363

      I don`t think I can do that because my landing page is with launchpad and my son tells me "I need a code to do the pixels." I am still setting up a web site (and writing content furiously) so unfortunately I cannot do the pixels on a web site just yet. So I really only have a FB page and landing page to attract people right now. The forum commenting is tough as most health forums do not allow marketing......I am trying FB ads and I am learning as I have had lots of interest but few opt ins, so i am working on my landing page to make it better.
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    You need to get people on your list who are potential buyers. I know that sounds simplistic. Start running your landing page on Bing Ads or Google. Use keywords for your niche, find the top performing conversions and increase advertising on those keywords. Keep building your list. Good luck.
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    It's very easy to do e-mail advertising and marketing your products/services. I am doing since last 3 years and got good results.
    Thanks for your interest..
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    Does your landing page have a free offer just to grab emails? If so you should drive some solo ads to it. Usually you can get a little warmer traffic from that
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    Carrying out a perfect or a successful email marketing campaign can be quite a challenge. However, it is not impossible to see the face of success in email marketing campaign. One can achieve this only by implementing proper technology and infrastructure in the process of email marketing. As per your question, I am providing a link that give you a complete idea about the steps that are involved in email marketing.

    Coming Soon...

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