Is Email Marketing Alive?

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Hi Warriors,

I've been away from list building for awhile & have a question.

Between the commercial email tab in gmail & the spam folder, do you find email marketing to be a viable marketing method still?

I know the commercial tab has been in effect for a few years but people seem to still be building lists - which indicates it still must be working to some extent. I realize not everyone uses gmail, but would appreciate your feedback.

I still believe email marketing has to have some level of opportunity but it seems progressively more & more difficult to overcome these challenges.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    It's doing fine. Just make sure that...

    1) You keep the "promo talk" down to a minimum in the emails. Try to avoid the words: sale, expiring, ending soon, buy now, etc.

    2) You're engaging with your audience in some way that initiates a reply or conversation via email.

    3) You're hyper-segmenting your audience. Sending out blasts to 12k people is great, but when only 1% click through, it tells Gmail you're not engaging properly. It's much better to get 80% click through on 100 people that showed prior interest.

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    Email marketing still works and it's hard to beat the ROI.

    It's key to know the domain makeup of your data. From which you can then get seed account for the domains that have the highest percentage of users and use them to test your inbox placement.

    For many marketers, gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail/outlook and parent domains using the same MX can makeup 80%-90% of their data. So starting with them will make the most sense and be the easiest. Then do your best to acquire any other accounts.

    If your mail is landing in the spam folder, you need to look at the following...

    Back-end setup: spf, dkim, rdns, etc...
    IP/ domain reputation: any domain / IP that is associated with the mailing.
    Content: everything in the message body, subject line, including your template.

    You then need to test everything and isolate the problem and fix it.

    For small domains / GI which it's just not possible to get accounts for, you could set up spamassassin with razor and pyzor add-ons.

    Anyway, that's the best way to stay in the inbox.
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    Excellent feedback. I really appreciate your response.
    Have a great weekend as well,


    Happy Marketing!!!

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