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how to skip filre inbox (gmail, hotmail )
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    I assume you are talking about the anti-spam filters.

    There is no way to just bypass and always get into the inbox. You have to build up your IP/domain reputation through good engagement.

    Additionally, you should set up seed accounts and use them to test your inbox placement.

    If you mail is going to the spam folder,, you need to look at the following...

    Back-end setup: spf, dkim, rdns, etc...
    IP/ domain reputation: any domain / IP that is associated with the mailing.
    Content: everything in the message body, subject line, including your template.

    You then need to test everything and isolate the problem and fix it.
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    For Gmail: It all depends upon the user activity, domain reputation, IP reputation, dkim and spf.
    For Hotmail: You need to use certain tools to include high inboxing keywords with your newsletter as well as maintain good reputation of your mail.

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