Why do spammers include an unsubscribe button?

by hardraysnight 9 replies
why do spammers/scammers even bother having an unsubscribe button, which either does not work, or they do not honour?
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    Because it is required to be can-spam compliant.

    It is possible that it may not be intentional, but an error on their part or system problem. Because not honoring or having one that doesn't work is pretty stupid.

    If it is truly something illegal, then it is probably to make it look more legit.
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    Yep; honors compliance. Or, helps them get through spam filters - possibly - and also helps them (possible, according to interpretation) avoid breaking the law.

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    Well because its required from autoresponder i think to avoid spam
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    They are doing everything in their power to keep you from clicking "SPAM". For those that care about CAN-SPAM, it's required. But it's also required that you honor it and that it actually works.
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    +1 for everyone who says they are just trying to make their emails legit to pass through the filtering and compliance.
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    I think it as a opportunity to keep spammer out.
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    According to can spam act, there should be a single click "unsubscribe" link and the physical address address of the sender should be mentioned in the email.
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    so you all defend scammers and scamming

    sure looks like it

    birds of a feather
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    Guess spammer will try to look as legit as possible, maybe they're following CAN-SPAM Act.
    Originally Posted by hardraysnight View Post

    ... either does not work, or they do not honor it..
    this is true. and i think its just dumb..
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