What are the best method to grow my email List fast?

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I just register my autoresponder account. What are the best method to grow my email List fast?
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    Hey Kangol99

    Building your email list isn't an overnight job. It can take time to do it the right way.

    First thing you will need is a free give-away (ethical bribe) to give to someone in exchange for their email address. They won't just jump on your list for no reason.

    Free giveaways that work well are short ebooks or reports, audio training or video training. I have used all 3, free reports I have found to work the best, having said that I am using a free video at the moment,what works best will depend on your market so you'll need to test to see what is most effective.

    The key with your free giveaway is to keep it short. Your prospect should be able to consume it in under 20 mins .Don't give away 250 page ebooks or 28 day video courses, they will more than likely never open it.

    Your free giveaway's job is to start the relationship off with your subscriber on the right foot. They have to know,like and trust you. If they never open your free gift then it won't do it's job.

    Keep it short and to the point. Try and keep it to 'one problem, one solution'. Don't try and solve ALL your market's problems with your free gift.

    With regards to content for your free gift, have a look in Facebook groups and forums in your market and find a frequent question being asked or a common pain they comes up again and again. Check out the forum threads that have the most views/replies and see what questions are being asked.

    Then you will need to build a squeeze page. If you have zero technical skills then don't panic, for a small investment you can buy some 'drag and drop' page builders. I use Optimize press 2 but there are lots out there to choose from which will integrate with your autoresponder account.

    Another few are Leadpages, instabuilder and LandingPagemonkey.

    Once your squeeze page is set up and free gift created all you need is to 'just add traffic'

    The fastest way to build your list would be paid traffic. By far the most effective at present is Facebook ads but I would definitely educate yourself on this first because FB will shut you down very quickly if you break any of their 'terms of use' and trust me it's not difficult to do.( I've had a few accounts closed overnight minor violations)

    If you are on a budget then you will need to use the more traditional 'free' traffic methods. Although they aren't completely free as you have to pay with your time. Search for some high traffic blogs in your niche and start to leave comments on some posts which have high interaction

    Don't leave a two word comment such as 'great post' try and see your comment as a mini extension of the original post and add some value. You will then be able to drop a link back to your site. Readers of the blog post will see what you've written and naturally want to check out your site.

    Hope that helps. Any questions then please give me a shout

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    Dancraig's answer is great.

    Here's what I would add:

    #1 - Create a few amazing blog posts that answer your niche's biggest problems/challenges.

    Be sure to optimize your blog posts with lead capture forms or links to your squeeze page.

    #2 - Then go find out where your perfect customer is hanging out online. There are many fishing holes, but not all were created equal.

    Facebook? Facebook Groups? YouTube? Forums? Instagram? Twitter? Blogs?

    Wherever they are, spend your time there giving value and then leading back to your blog content on your website.

    If you provide a lot of value in your blog post, then a percentage of your visitors will want to opt-in to your email newsletter in exchange for your freebie.

    You will now have a warm lead on your list that you can follow up with and promote your products to.

    #3 - Amplify your efforts by running paid Facebook ads to your blog post (assuming your audience is on Facebook).

    With just $5 a day you can market your blog post in front of thousands of targeted people.

    And you can turn that cold traffic into warm leads once they read your content and subscribe.
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    With your list you must have patience .You can use free trafic its free but takes time or you can nuse paid trafic its fast but you pay money
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    Make sure that your email list is about something that you, even remotely, enjoy. Find groups on Facebook, forums, websites that are talking about your topic. Help people and actually care about what they are asking. Get caught up in being helpful. Give of yourself. On your website, offer something (like an E-Book) for free. It doesn't have to be 250 pages, it can be a simple E-Book. As you get engulfed in your topic, you'll quickly be able to identify the common issues that people have. That will give you a great idea as to what to write your E-Book about, as well as what to write your newsletters about.

    I once tried to build a list of Payday Loan subscribers. Let me tell you how much I enjoy talking about Payday Loans...about as much as a root canal.

    Find your passion and stick with it. Remember the old saying "Build it and they will come".

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    You can use solo ads plus clickbanking

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