How Much Money Do You Earn Per Email Subscriber?

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I'm interested in knowing how much money you earn for every email subscriber.

I'm not talking just about revenue, but I also want to know your profit.

Because let's face it. Unless you have a high-traffic blog or Youtube channel, it's not very easy to get 100+ subscribers a day for free. So what most people do is pay for leads, whether via solo ads or Facebook ads or PPC or whatever.

Many solo ad providers charge 50 cents to $1 PER CLICK. Facebook ads cost a similar rate. Let's say your squeeze page converts at 50 percent -- you're still paying $1 to $2 per subscriber. And if you have double optin, around 20-40 percent might not confirm, so you're paying even more than that.

So if you want to make a healthy profit, don't you need to earn an average of $3+ per subscriber? For every 100 subscribers, you should be making $300-$400+. Tell me if I'm getting something wrong here.

I'm just thinking about the math here. Let's say you're paying $1-$2 per subscriber. For 100 subscribers, which costs you $100-$200, you want to earn a healthy profit of $300+. So let's say three percent of your subscribers purchase something. You'll have to earn $100 per sale.

Question #2: How do you do that? Do you promote affiliate products? Do you promote your own products? Are they high-ticket or low-ticket products? Do you focus on recurring income products? Do you have an OTO right when they sign up? Do you bombard them with hard sell emails every day? Or do you send them a mix of hard sell and soft sell every few days? And how quickly does it take for you to get your return on investment -- two months, half a year, or longer?

If anyone can share some stats about their own lists, especially in the internet marketing niche, I'd appreciate it.
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