How to stop Aweber confirmation emails going to spam?

by Brando95 12 replies
Is there any way I can have a single optin form? All of my confirmation emails are going to spam. Or if not is there a way to stop that from happening?
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    One option is to turn off confirmations and turn it into a single opt in.
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      Have you questioned what part of your email triggered the spam reaction? Or could you tell us more specifically the email client that received your email?
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    Originally Posted by Brando95 View Post

    All of my confirmation emails are going to spam.
    This is very alarming, Brandon!

    It's also highly uncharacteristic. How do you know this?

    If it's really so, you need to discuss it with Aweber urgently.

    Switching to single opt-in (although it's an option) probably wouldn't be a solution to that problem, at all. On the contrary, if anything it could even aggravate the problem, because outgoing emails to single-opted-in lists are sent from different serves and in theory their deliverability to in-boxes may even be a fraction lower.

    After submitting their email addresses, on your site, are your visitors immediately taken to a page which explains clearly, with words and pictures, exactly what they have to do to ensure receiving your emails, and advising them to check their "bulk"/"spam"/"junk" email for the first one, as well? That's really important, too.

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    I have seen many people reporting Aweber emails going to spam folder these days.
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      Originally Posted by Lex Gabriel View Post

      I have seen many people reporting Aweber emails going to spam folder these days.
      AWeber emails don't go to the spam folder.

      Some small percentage customers may have messages go to the spam folder due to factors that they are typically mostly responsible for. It's a big network with a lot of people sending a lot of different types of messages.

      We sift and sort customers by their reputation engagement metrics before sending, and ISPs also do a lot of sifting and sorting to decide where to put received messages. Simply stating that AWeber emails go to the spam folder is a vast over simplification of where the real problem typically lies.

      Knowing more about the specific sender, their content, the FROM address they are using, their engagement metrics, and what other type of mail they might be sending from other locations is needed to determine where the problem exists. If someone is having a problem, please contact us directly so our team can give specific feedback. If you have a spam folder problem, switching providers will typically not resolve that problem. You have to change the emailing behavior that started the problem.
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        My Broadcast open rate suddenly drop from avg 300 to avg 30 past weeks. (i used same broadcast mails for course announcement. Not only course announcement, new blog post broadcast also impacted)

        My loyal subscribers reported that they no longer receive my mail in their inbox. always at SPAM folder.
        They are viewing my daily mails almost every day and replying me most of the time (i have 80 daily email sequence)

        My new subscribers doesn't recieve my mails.

        Aweber support told me to check SPF and, both are OK. SPF was already there and give me 6.9/10.

        If it is new subscribers and they are receiving inside SPAM folder, i may reconsider but now those are existing royal subscribers and existing broadcast open count drop suddenly, i seriously doubt your system...

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    You could always look into alternative solutions, like a self hosted autoresponder
    or a company that allows for such and more.

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    on which providers does it go to the spam folder?

    You might want to ask your subscribers to add your from to their address book.
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      Originally Posted by pmania View Post

      are you using 3rd party email solution provider..
      I just called aweber. they gave me good advice to add them to the spf record in my email host, also to set my list to confirmed sign ups
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  • Do they have a spam filter tool?
    If so you should adjust your emails accordingly to increase your percentages of having your messages going to the inbox.
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    This is some sold info ....everybody hates spam , so anything that can assist that is good to go

    Developing software which makes users go WOW
    I love google and yahoo

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    Wow I can see that you sent to 2600 subscribers and only got 15 clicks. Same. I sent to my 5000 subscribers and only got around 30 clicks as welll. Send them daily.
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