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    New Forum: Email Marketing STICKY

    mattbarrie in Email Marketing

    Hello Everyone In this new forum we will talk everything email- one of the most powerful online marketing techniques, and something that should be a core competency for every Internet ... [read more]

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    Build List + Promote Affiliate Product

    gregstamper in Email Marketing

    Hi All! I'm still very new to Internet Marketing and would love some guidance on how to build a list while also promoting a product I'm an affiliate for. Here's ... [read more]

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    Is ActiveCampaign better than GetResponse?

    jordand870 in Email Marketing

    I'm dying to know. I'm creating a product and email marketing will be the first marketing strategy I use. See, I use to have Aweber but it started tripping on ... [read more]

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    Is it okay to use British currency to an international list?

    myattitude in Email Marketing

    I'm British so would rather use pounds instead of dollars, has anyone split tested this before, or has any thoughts? I'm not so hung up that I wouldn't switch to ... [read more]

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    Groups of emails

    Blindbiz in Email Marketing

    We have 26 clients who would like us to send a email 2 times a month on their behalf. Each database is 150-400 emails. How can we make this as ... [read more]

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    email marketing help

    butu in Email Marketing

    I am new for email marketing and try to learn from youtube and udemy, but still is not clear. 1. Why do we need two different services from two different ... [read more]

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    The #1 Listbuilding That Works Over And Over Again

    allenmartin in Email Marketing

    Hi there, Allen Martin here... Today I wanna share the best working Listbuilding Method I came across while working in this industry for 19 years now... Yup, right, I am ... [read more]

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    Using email autoresponder without SSL on hosting plan

    Nate Cat in Email Marketing

    I do not have SSL on my hosting plan (unfortunately they do not even do shared SSL for windows hosting!) Does anyone know if there are risks and what those ... [read more]

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    The Free Report -- How to Deliver It?

    Was thinking about just uploading the PDF to the site... and then giving the link. (Usual way, right?) But I got to thinking... what if the person just sends out ... [read more]

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    When to manually unsubscribe recipients

    k9 in Email Marketing

    I have heard that you should remove people from your list after 6 months of non-opens. But it would seem that it would/should depend on email frequency. If I am ... [read more]

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    Mobile App To Build/Manage Email Lists?

    I've got a sales person that typically gets sales appointment leads that needs to ask for an email when at the appointment and add it to their mailing list. Seems ... [read more]

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    Increasing email list

    Benj25204 in Email Marketing

    I'd love to know some good ways I can build my email list. I have a pop up on my site to take emails as well as using social media ... [read more]

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    Looking for free coregistration service

    luckypig in Email Marketing

    Hi, I was wondering if someone still knows about a free coregistration service like subscriptionrocket was. Thank you in advance for help

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    Challenging list building question

    Edit: I apologize for the wall of text below. I realize now, a few hours later, that in typing this out, I got closer to the answers I need. I ... [read more]

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    Renting List Platform

    sleepdisastr in Email Marketing

    Hi Warrior forum, As its the first time i'm posting here let me say some words about me. I'm Fabian, i'm from belgium and i'm in the internet industry for ... [read more]

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    A better way to prospect for and engage new leads with email

    krog in Email Marketing

    Hey everyone, I originally posted this in the main forum, and then realized this existed, so I figured I'd ask you all as well. I am a web developer and ... [read more]

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    Spamhaus css Too many unconfirmed removal requests

    interfox in Email Marketing

    Hi guys, Are there any body still facing "Too many unconfirmed removal requests" when is filling css removal requst ??

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    How do you make OTO pages for affiliate offers?

    karmadog in Email Marketing

    I'm going to set up 2 or 3 oto pages in my sales funnel before the visitor can access the free download, but I'm not sure how you do this. ... [read more]

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    Need advice on how to sell database of 100,000 senior decision makers

    healthydata in Email Marketing

    Would be very appreciative for any advice given. So I have a database of 100,000 senior decision makers all contained within an excel document, including: Email, full name, job title, ... [read more]

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    Email Mark. promote # of times?

    gjhabs8 in Email Marketing

    If you have a product you want to sell, when email marketing your subscribers, how many times do you want to promote the offer? How many emails should you send ... [read more]

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    Landing page, auto responder...then?

    Roscoe4 in Email Marketing

    I have a fantastic product I want to sell. I believe it's fantastic. It is a rather high price point to purchase (maybe 500-800) but I believe if I were ... [read more]

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    On Email 10, Goal Is 25. Then What?

    This is likely a personal mental block about email marketing, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the "longevity" of the mailing list. Perhaps that is the niche I've ... [read more]

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    Link Building e-Mails

    isellstuff in Email Marketing

    I've got a full time team working on link development, but I feel as though they aren't properly optimizing their workflows, especially with e-mailing. I'm curious if anyone has some ... [read more]

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    ESPs market share by counties

    dzmrf in Email Marketing

    Hi all I'm looking for fresh info about email service provider market share. In which county which ESPs is most popular? Maybe somebody run against such information and can share ... [read more]

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    Email Marketing Mentor Hired

    sleepdisastr in Email Marketing

    HI guys, I am planning to start email marketing campaign in Belgium and FR to get some leads. I have around 250k emails from french speaking people. Why do i ... [read more]

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    Email writing course

    SoldierCat in Email Marketing

    Hi warrior forum I wanted to know if theres a good email writing course online because I don't know how to structure an email to send on my email list. ... [read more]

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    Double optin a purchased list

    kevinkt in Email Marketing

    Has anyone tried to purchase a semi-targeted large email list and then send emails to that list telling them to optin to the list that you ACTUALLY want to send ... [read more]

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    Low optin rate what aspect do i need to improve

    syamilbrand in Email Marketing

    My fb ads have 12896 reach 213 website click but only 9 subscriber. What aspect do i need to improve in order to increase to a higher optin rate?

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    special problem

    sealord in Email Marketing

    hi, here is my question and i hope that someone could help me out: i need a tool which allows me to send out links on autopilot and where the ... [read more]

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    Active Campaign

    slogreira in Email Marketing

    Hi, I am looking for a CRM that has email. Infusionsoft is too expensive for me. I did get a free trial of Active Campaign a few months back from ... [read more]

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    Should I Re-Brand My Optin E-Book and Overall Campaign?

    mrniceguy123 in Email Marketing

    I think I need to re-brand our e book, email marketing campaign theme, and squeeze page, and just wanted to run my situation by you guys. We are a real ... [read more]

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    Does Something Like This Exist?

    paulj12345 in Email Marketing

    I'm looking for something for my site, where I can put a news article in I guess would would be considered a frame and at the bottom of that frame ... [read more]

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    Where can i adswap and clickbank payday loan leads?

    yragcom1 in Email Marketing

    So I have a small list of payday loan leads, about 700 leads. Does anyone know where I can grow the list through swaps/ clickbanking, or is that even possible ... [read more]

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    How do your optin rates for mobile Vs Desktop compare?

    myattitude in Email Marketing

    I fear that people clicking through their emails on their phones aren't really in "work mode" so don't optin as much as those on desktop. But I have no figures ... [read more]

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    USA Optin Email List is required

    Zaheera in Email Marketing

    Hi Dear Warriors, I want to purchase USA Optin Email List. By google search i am confused which site is ok to purchase. If you have tried any provider, Please ... [read more]

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    Free List Building Software

    ep2002 in Email Marketing

    Hi there, I know most of the well known list building software, but I don't want to spend any money right now for this one site & the current list ... [read more]

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    What to do with 20k Emails?

    Emp in Email Marketing

    I have collected emails from different places. For example, I started a file upload site (free), and have thousands of real emails. However to be honest these people didnt opt ... [read more]

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    free email marketing are there

    joshua301 in Email Marketing

    hi all are there free email marketing out there that are legit not fake

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    Email List

    eliran2010 in Email Marketing

    hello friends.. iam new here i am also new in internet marketing Although i was a ebay store in the past year.. so i will go to my all ... [read more]

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    Selling newsletter ads in the auction - good or bad idea?

    RevPlaza in Email Marketing

    I am finishing an online competition directory where registered users can choose an option to receive a newsletter. My idea is to send them regularly tips for the most popular ... [read more]

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    Help My emails are showing up as Spam

    jrock2015 in Email Marketing

    This is the email I've been sending: SUBJECT: Enjoy Your Free Yoga Chakra Meditation Guide Hello and Welcome, Your free Yoga Chakra Meditation Step-By-Step Guide is at the link provided ... [read more]

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    Newbie - a couple of questions

    KingLiam in Email Marketing

    Hey guys. I work with a team of people from all over the world. We have about 10 websites, for various demographics, however all deliver pretty much the same service. ... [read more]

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    PHPlist vs services like GetResponse or Mailchimp

    RevPlaza in Email Marketing

    What are the pros and cons of using a free PHP script like PHPlist in comparison with services like GetResponse or Mailchimp? As I read this forum, it seems that ... [read more]

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    Is this a better option than email marketing? Email Marketing Dead?

    From a long time reader and subscriber to copy blogger, I had noticed the change, but never understood how calculated the change was. Seems brilliant now that I understand it. ... [read more]

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    Good email list building coaching program?

    JohnJames in Email Marketing

    So I want to get started with list building and I think the best way for me to do this (since I'm really new) is to go through a solid ... [read more]

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    Help!! One autoreponder account, multiple niches

    hascy in Email Marketing

    Those in email marketing, I know that it is recommended that one does not use a free email (gmail, yahoo. etc) for an auto-responder service (Aweber, Getresponse, etc). So if ... [read more]

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    Best Plan/Pricing for Sending Email to 40,000+

    dvduval in Email Marketing

    I have two different email lists that have been built over many years. Both are more than 40,000 users. We have been using an in house solution I commissioned a ... [read more]

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    Where can you start sending from?

    dgmufasa in Email Marketing

    Hello all, I have a list of potential people I would like to send emails to (for an offer). The thing is, I would like to track opens, deletes, etc. ... [read more]

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    How to start with Email marketing ?

    Gaurav singh in Email Marketing

    I am a SEO and during my project i worked upon two to three Email marketing campaign. I found it very interesting and looking forward to learn more about it. ... [read more]

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    What Text Editor Do You Use?

    60 character length seems to be the golden rule. Manually counting every line to 60 characters seems like a legit way to do it -- if I'm looking to go ... [read more]

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    PLR Content Sources?

    Looking for good PLR content for my upcoming mailing lists. A lot of my searches are turning up crap, so I figured I'd ask in here and see if you ... [read more]

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    what is the best place to buy follow up messages

    hi guys can anyone recommend a place where i can buy great follow up messages for my auto responder. emails that convert nicely thank you

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    About Mailing List?

    yazooda in Email Marketing

    Hi guys, good morning (as it is in my country :-) ). My question is a very beginner. I'm planning to build a success blog, since I have many ideas ... [read more]

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    what is the best landing page platform?

    sethp123 in Email Marketing

    what is the best landing page platform?

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    How to Monetize my list

    softomaniac in Email Marketing

    Hello Everybody, I have a big email list of USA Online Shoppers , I want to monetize it , I am newbie in email marketing , so i want and ... [read more]

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    Clicks on Thank You / Download Page

    JoJow in Email Marketing

    Hello, I am wondering how to increase numbers of clicks on Thank You / Download Page From the stats below you can see that the each subscriber make only one ... [read more]