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    New Forum: Email Marketing STICKY

    mattbarrie in Email Marketing

    Hello Everyone In this new forum we will talk everything email- one of the most powerful online marketing techniques, and something that should be a core competency for every Internet ... [read more]

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    need help with email campaign.. i have traffic and offers.. need help executing - 50/50

    cliqmoney in Email Marketing

    i have a website and its old school but it has a loyal following here in orange county- lots of users and subscribers. i used to actually service the ... [read more]

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    Problem with Landing Page And Aweber optin forme code

    ouellabi29 in Email Marketing

    Hello guys i am building my landing page and i want to add a web form to it .. i got the Aweber code but i dont know where i ... [read more]

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    Is there any Free of cost Email Marketing Software available?

    Decentfriend in Email Marketing

    Dear Friends, I want to know that is there any Free of cost Email Marketing Software available on internet? Kindly share tested, free and best one here.

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    How do I take advantage of this emails databass !

    hamzarghioui in Email Marketing

    first i'm sorry for my bad english soo i have miilions databases like that .. this is exemple of sites Who drag them how Take advantage of them ... [read more]

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    Where to buy Relevant Solo Ads?

    ForgeSite in Email Marketing

    Hello all, I am new to email marketing and I have a question that you wise folks would very likely be able to answer. Short question: where can I find ... [read more]

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    Best CRM/Tool to Manage Email Addresses?

    Ryan Parker in Email Marketing

    I have gathered a list of email addresses through my opt-in form. However, all I have are some various emails from various people in my Gmail inbox. They are not ... [read more]

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    turner20 in Email Marketing

    i'm currently stuck on which email marketing service provider i should use, i tried using MAILKITCHEN.COM but the curves re too technical so i want someone to tell me which ... [read more]

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    How to get started with 200+ contact list

    Good afternoon everyone, First time posting on the forum, so hello! Over the past years, I have come to own a contact list that is a little under 217,000 unique ... [read more]

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    Adding GetResponse form code in squeeze page template --HELP.

    Jon Brickley in Email Marketing

    Hi, I know this is really basic, but I've always used aweber and now I need to add a GetResponse form code into a pre-made squeeze page template for a ... [read more]

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    Your Advice is Welcome here: Email Marketing

    saqarra in Email Marketing

    Hi, I have a small list of 650 subscribers in the IM niche and, over the past 6 months, about 60% of them have not opened my broadcasts at all. ... [read more]

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    Question about Pop-up optin form

    fawhash in Email Marketing

    Hi.I have on this for six hours now and cant figure out a solution.I have mailchimp and icegram right now.I am trying to make a pop-up form similar to that ... [read more]

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    What is your opinion in the Arab market?

    chamso dz in Email Marketing

    Hello My name is chamso I want to set up an Arab List, I mean the Arab countries, Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Dubai any rich countries what do ... [read more]

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    700K Google PlayStore Publisher Email List

    I have 700K Google Play Store Publisher Email List What can i do with it ? Share some ideas ? Its scraped data , is it worth doing email marketing ... [read more]

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    Send email product proposal - Need advice

    Hello, I need some suggestion to make decision. Assume that I have 2 products (in the same category but different in feature, detail. For example like vps and normal shared ... [read more]

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    Prospects vs. Leads vs. Customers

    ContentPro22 in Email Marketing

    For anyone new to email marketing, I just wanted to give a fairly quick article on the difference between "prospects", "leads", and "customers". More specifically, I'm going to talk about ... [read more]

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    Pricing Solo Ad Clicks

    DIABL0 in Email Marketing

    I'm pondering over getting into the solo ad business. So how much can you charge for solo ad clicks? I'm already in many markets and can build lists in just ... [read more]

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    EMAIL SENDER PROBLEMS (i need help please)

    abdelkrimch in Email Marketing

    hello guys , i need your help please , i have added an SPF and DKIM to my domain , but when i chek my email status i get this ... [read more]

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    Does using Images in Follow-Up Email Increase/Decrease open rate?

    WinsonYeung in Email Marketing

    Any idea? Is it a good idea to include images in email follow up? What's your view

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    300 emails sent - Zero opens!

    LadyL08 in Email Marketing

    I did a solo ad plus Facebook ad. Out of 330 clicks I have received 106 confirmed opt-ins. There are 46 unconfirmed. 2 unsubscribed. Not a bad number for the ... [read more]

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    Is It Possible To Send MP3 In Aweber Email?

    Imamarketer2 in Email Marketing

    Hi. I have a course I'm putting together and I'm looking for a cost effective way to deliver the course to students. The course consists of MP3's and worksheets. Is ... [read more]

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    Conversion Rates

    calidream217 in Email Marketing

    Hi, just wondering what are the general conversion rates of promoting affiliate offers or CPA offers (assuming the list is targeted) via email marketing-thanks

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    Is there any good start place for funnel marketing

    I need to study about funnel marketing. Is there is good place blog to start with? Thank

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    I'd like to commence email marketing - advice?

    Vallery in Email Marketing

    I was thinking about joining aweber for my new email list. I am new to email marketing but recently learned I could recycle my traffic through an email list. Anyone ... [read more]

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    Looking for a mentor to build a list, First year 50% profits share

    ouellabi29 in Email Marketing

    Hello Guys.. like you see in the title i am looking for a mentor to help me to start my business in email marketing .. just there is millions of ... [read more]

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    Having 40k - 50k active email list

    coolboyniraj in Email Marketing

    Hello everyone, I have 40k - 50k active email list and i am doing email marketing now. I am planning to enter in Affiliate Marketing. Need some help whether it ... [read more]

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    Is this new drip email tool useful?

    kareemm in Email Marketing

    Hi all, I've built a drip email tool that lets non-devs record events in your app by pointing and clicking, segment users based on those events, and then sending them ... [read more]

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    Interspire problem - any suggestions?

    Zavarzin in Email Marketing

    I have installed Interspire on my server and have configured it to send emails through another SMTP server (cluster server). I sent a test campaign to my emails. Half of ... [read more]

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    why my bonce rate seem high on creating letter?

    Devilfish168 in Email Marketing

    Huh I using GR here noticed my bonce rate is high while sending letter.

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    What platform to Manage Smedia & Email Marketing?

    itsStorm in Email Marketing

    My QUESTION is what facilitating/managing software do you guys news to control and manage an EMAIL(5000data) and MULTI SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS marketing champaign? Is it a merge of SALESFORCE / ... [read more]

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    Thoughts On Constant Contact

    deebee23 in Email Marketing

    Why aren't they mentioned with other big dogs such as Aweber and Get Response? I have Aweber by the way.

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    bplatte in Email Marketing

    So I'm pretty new to the email marketing industry. I just got hired as an email delivery assistant 6 months ago and things were going pretty smoothly up until about ... [read more]

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    Is this a drip campaign?

    rparker in Email Marketing

    I use Ontraport for my CRM. I have people purchasing supplements and send them an easy re-order email when they are scheduled to run out. Most of them use that ... [read more]

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    Auber or Rss in the sidebar subscription box

    fawhash in Email Marketing

    Hello warriors,I have been a bit confused on this matter.In the sidebar subscription box, should i use aweber too like on landing page, or should i use my feedburner address.

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    How to - First Email list?

    avivaft in Email Marketing

    Hello guys.. My name is Aviv, I want to start and build my first email list in the MMO niche (my first list ever). The problem is with the content ... [read more]

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    send emails

    wolfox in Email Marketing

    how have idea to send 10 000 email to inbox not to spam because when i send 1000 email to my costumers the emails sended to spam

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    Email Marketing Still Convert?

    pointcash in Email Marketing

    Is email marketing best compassion than, fanpage, twitter, and etc?

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    Sending subscribers to Youtube videos

    ncloud in Email Marketing

    Trying to figure out ways of making emails more interesting and enjoyable to my readers. So I subscribed to other people's lists in my niche to see what they were ... [read more]

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    20,000 Paid Subscribers on my list. How much should I be making?

    link8 in Email Marketing

    Hi, I own a top product on clickbank and I have over 20,000 subscribers that all have bought my product. Never really capitalized on this or sent them any offers. ... [read more]

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    Aweber opt-in question - if anyone happens to know

    Joel Young in Email Marketing

    I have a campaign set to double opt-in. However, there are a number of subscribers who have not confirmed. If I re-set the campaign to single opt-in, will my newsletter ... [read more]

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    B2B email template that is getting me a 14% response rate

    winsoar in Email Marketing

    14% open rates are good - but how about a 14% RESPONSE RATE? I'm using this email template: Appointment Setting Template - Email Marketing Robot I've just tweaked it slightly ... [read more]

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    Send from PC vs. Email Marketing Servies (eg: Mailchimp)

    loginid in Email Marketing

    Hi All! I've got a simple online ecommerce store that sells physical products online to consumers. I've always created, managed and sent all my email campaigns from my computer using ... [read more]

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    Mass Mailing

    kalel410 in Email Marketing

    hi im in charge of 100 000 subscribers in my little site im searching for a way to send newsletters without getting filtred i have tried before after 5th day ... [read more]

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    best free converter for windows

    JessicaKerr in Email Marketing

    Then let's observe to change a pdf file using a free online pdf manager, there are various a pdf file can be edited by pdf editor, below we expose just ... [read more]

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    Email server

    rob123 in Email Marketing

    How to verify that my Email server has been Banned by ISP

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    Looking for a good/cheap click tracker...

    jmk909er in Email Marketing

    I have been looking at a lot of different trackers online but most of them seem quite expensive. Can anyone recommend a good one? It seems like most of then ... [read more]

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    Free Online Bulk Email Site

    erptraining9 in Email Marketing

    Hi, I am looking for absolutely free online bulk email site which will really work. I checked the following 20 sites mentioned in this blog below but none of it ... [read more]

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    Ideal font and text size?

    Good morning, I was wondering what font and text size is ideal for email marketing? I suppose it's advisable to test, but has is there is a "standard" font and ... [read more]

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    Want a better response/open/conversion rate?

    I'm going to keep this short and simple because I really don't see this very often written, spoken, mentioned.. even mimed anywhere but remember people don't like salesmen. We are ... [read more]

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    Download Link

    BOBDOG4US in Email Marketing

    Can anyone tell me how to set up a mail client to send a download link after a paypal purchase. I hear Outlook can do it. Thank You, BOBDOG4US

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    Effect of Google Inbox on Email Marketing

    adammichael in Email Marketing

    Hey, This may be an ignorant post as I've been running around all day and haven't had time to properly dig into the new google product "Inbox" to see what ... [read more]

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    How to incorporate second chance offers in an email marketing sequence?

    stanigator in Email Marketing

    Since I had no luck finding what I'm looking for in the Email Marketing forum (or anywhere in the Warrior Forum), and there's a ton of smart marketers here, I'd ... [read more]

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    What to do when opt-in increases over 200?

    arif456 in Email Marketing

    Hello, I just wanted to know what to do when I start seeing people getting into my list. I mean what should I mail them? And how frequently?

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    The BEST time..?

    I have recently been testing a lot of email sending-time.. What has been your best email send time? (Best open & click rates) What has been your best scheduled email ... [read more]

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    email marketing sequences???

    I have been doing internet marketing for 3 years now, and now a lot about email marketing. Here's my question, what types of email marketing sequences do you use in ... [read more]

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    Fitness niche list building

    Sajali316 in Email Marketing

    I'm currently running a fitness and health blog since Monday, Lionheart Fitness - It has had 108 views but 0 opt-ins even though though most people get directed straight to ... [read more]

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    Better email marketing strategy

    behnampmdg3 in Email Marketing

    Hi; I have a question about 2 different businesses. I give away 2 mini courses (1 gardening, 1 get Ex gf back) in the course of 10 emails in 10 ... [read more]