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    Could anyone recommend a good course on starting your own design agency?

    dpcman in Internet Marketing

    Basically title. I'm looking to start my own design agency but I'm not sure where to start. Preferably the course would have info on how to get leads online.

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    Does anyone in the World need landing page copy?

    Alex Durden in Web Design

    Hello! My name is Alex, I am from Russia. The situation is as follows: Here in Russia it is very popular to copy someone's Landing Page: change logo, contacts, setup ... [read more]

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    Can a 52 year old guy learn how to do website design and internet marketing?

    I want to become an expert on web design and internet marketing. Can an old dog learn this stuff?

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    can a 50 years old man learn how to do website design and internet online marketing

    pabda in Internet Marketing

    Hello, can I become an expert on web design and internet online marketing cheers

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    How to design WordPress blog

    bessy len in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, newbie need help, I'm so excited to start my blog, but I'm getting confused on how to design WordPress blog, also I don't know which is the best ... [read more]

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    How to fix the landing page design to be responsive one?

    mixmedia in Email Marketing

    Hi warrior guys I created several landing pages with Mail Munch then sent a list of the URLs to solo ads seller. He reviewed them and informed that the landing ... [read more]

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    Help with design of my site

    networkmom in Web Design

    I need some help redesigning my site at www.fitnessandkids.com I get a decent amount of traffic and the site used to do good as far as selling my items. I ... [read more]

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    Template recommendations for responsive web design

    robertrobbins in Web Design

    Hi there, Are there any templates or template shops that you would recommend for building responsive websites? I have 3 sites to update and am torn between using templates and ... [read more]

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    Design Matter

    skylikemake in SEO

    Hi, if i and my competitor are using same website theme, is this matter for SEO?

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    Powerful Way To Close Clients On Website Design!! Make them REALLY want a website!

    s62731 in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys! So a few months ago I was really struggling with selling to people VIA cold calling. But after A LOT of persistence and help from people on this ... [read more]

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    Getting work

    seobro in Web Design

    Here is how to get work if you design web pages. All of us need more exposure. To be top of mind is your purpose. People will hire you… if ... [read more]

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    Landing page design

    affcheck in Web Design

    Does anyone on here design and host their own landing pages OR do you buy into an external services such as un bounce and various others. If you do use ... [read more]

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    T-Shirt Design and Sale

    bizzinfo in Off Topic

    Hi! I wan to know how to design and sell t-shirt on reddit?

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    Suggestions on how to design the homepage - please!

    Corovus in Web Design

    I would like to hear you guys perspective on how to design the homepage of my affiliate website. Many people pack lots of stuff on the homepage, like 3k words ... [read more]

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    New design mockups for Warrior Forum

    Alaister in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, A few days ago I ran a poll asking if you guys would like a redesign. We got a lot of feedback and I decided to get our ... [read more]

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    Web design from a marketing perspective - Question

    Hello everyone, I would like to hear your opinion (if it's possible coupled with arguments or research) on using faces (smiles, people etc) on your websites. As it is proven ... [read more]

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    Is cold calling effective for web design

    alboboss in Offline Marketing

    Hi Warriors, Normally I wouldnt ask this because i would just go by the typical call 100 make a few appointments get 1 customer stats. But my circumstance is a ... [read more]

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    Responsive web design

    Brahm Pratap Rana in Web Design

    How to make responsive web designs and If I want to change designs so it is possible ?

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    Warrior Forum Design Changes

    Alaister in News

    Hello everyone We're in the process of tightening up the Warrior Forum design. If you have momentary issues with rendering, simply clear your cache and cookies and it should rectify. ... [read more]

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    Cold calling for Website Design?

    digimars in Offline Marketing

    hi, hope everybody here is fine. i'd kindly ask for your thoughts and help regarding my cold calling attempt as i can see there's a lot of pros in here ... [read more]

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    Saturday cold calling stats [script included] SEO + Web Design services

    Clautusoar in Offline Marketing

    Good afternoon, i wanted to share some results so far, im still calling now, i just though i write this out real quick because im quite inspired. so far, this ... [read more]

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    Website Design Service Recommendations

    TMets5 in Web Design

    I would like input on recommendations for a quality and dependable web design service provider for offline businesses. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated

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    Hitting the phone for my web design business for the first time, posting stats.

    Hi all, sorry I have not contributed much over the years, more of a reader :-) I have plenty of telemarketing experience in other industries but never had to outbound ... [read more]

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    What are the main options to design a business website?

    Anybody can help me to give the proper solution? I want to start a garments company. I have a lot of support to build this. There are many items in ... [read more]

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    Web design project, is it recommened to demand 100% payment up front or after delivery?

    loginname in Internet Marketing

    Hey I have contacted a company that have an old web shop and given them suggestion on new layout etc. They have contacted me back and said they want me ... [read more]