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I have an idea for a website for college students, I don't want to go into much detail in public but I need help with a few things:
1: what's the cheapest way to make an app/website
2: how do I get investors to help grow the idea
3: some legality questions that I will only ask in private as it reveals the idea
Thank you so much for your help I really think I have a goldmine here! discussion #great #idea #website
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    AY - I'm sorry to tell you, but you most likely DO NOT have a goldmine. Apps are not goldmines and even Zynga, a company that owns a portfolio of apps, is having a terrible time trying to turn a profit. I'll answer your questions as honestly as they will be answered.

    1. The cheapest way is to build the app yourself. But I have a feeling that you're not a programmer, and you don't have the thousands of dollars necessary to hire programmers.

    2. You need to already have the app developed in order to pitch investors. You might get lucky pitching an idea to idiotic VC's that have too much money and have no idea what to do with it - but that will require you to be in Silicon Valley where the party is at. Even then, you shouldn't seriously consider it.

    3. Don't ask for legal advice here. No one here is qualified to give it to you. Even the resident lawyers here are NOT good ones, so don't even bother. Consult an IP lawyer. You'll get the first session free...just make sure you have your questions concise and ready to discuss.
    That which is asserted without evidence will be dismissed without evidence.
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    Well designing App or Website is not an easy task, when you think you have a very good and profitable business idea then you have to spend $$$$ behind that, if you will go for cheap methods then you will get cheap work, so always try to go with affordable methods. Secondly develop the site and app first bring in some thousand visitors and then pitch it to investors sharing how they can monetize with this users database and how you can attract more and more users.

    Hope my advice was helpful to you.
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      Cheapest/easiest way to build a website would be with Wordpress.

      Once your happy with the basics of the app/site, try to get some users and then show investors that it's a worthy investment. Once you have users, investors will be far easier to find
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    The easiest way to build a site it's through wordpress,
    but you have to think about hosting as well.

    To buid an app can be an extension of your website,
    and it's not expensive as it seems.As there are few
    Drag and Drop platforms that makes it's easy, I have
    access to one, where I can create multiple apps and
    I payed for lifetime access.

    If you really want to know just Pm me I will tell you.
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    you do web for the best students should make the forums more. Because what it will be more interaction between the students more
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    I would say that you would have to first create your website. Fast and easy ways to do this is by using a WordPress Theme, MyBB, or other type of forum software. Build everything up, get traffic, then try to promote to investors. All of these things take time, hard work, and at least a little bit of investment. Good Luck to you in creating your new business
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    website for college students is not obviously profitable so you have to have something to show to the investors, so build a small site first then promote it and introduce it to investors.

    The cheapest and easiest way to make a small site is by Wordpress. You can search the guideline to build it on Google, very easy. You will need hosting also, I recommend Godaddy or Hostgator, for they are good hosting suppliers, not expensive and "ok" quality, just enough for your site. Then set it up and buy a nice theme, customize it and you have a good site to show
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