Was just offered $350 for this domain.... Sell or hold?

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So I have owned the domain whyg.com for many years, Out of the blue I get an offer a couple of weeks ago for $150 (which I never responded to), then Yesterday, same guy offers $350. The various valuation sites seem to value it between 850 and 1500, but I have no idea how accurate those sites are.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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    the free appraisal sites arent very accurate unless there has been a previously reported sale for the same name. I would say that the $350 offer is fair but is on the lower end of the market value for such 4 character domains.
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    The domain valuation tools means nothing . It is nowhere close to worth 850-1000$
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    A domain name is worth what someone will pay for it. I have seen 4 character domains similar to this sell in the past for $3000, but those sales are very rare and are typically purchased by companies which are looking to re-brand their online business with an acronym. I took a moment to search acronymattic.com to see how many abbreviations may relate to your name whyg.com, it returned only 1 result. Having said that, i would say the likelihood of receiving $xxxx for this domain is low. If you are able to, contact the potential buyer and get more info about who he/she is and why they want the name. Is likely a domain trader looking to buy the name for $350 and resell for $450-$550. If it is a business looking to acquire the name, you could probably get a bit more out of them. Tell them you were planning to develop the name and would need a more educated offer from them if you were to sell.
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    Thanks all, appreciate the input

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    Those valuation sites are ALWAYS wrong, so do not use them to determine the value of your domain.

    There's no website hosted on your domain, so the domain is not worth much at all. It's only worth whatever someone's willing to pay for it. So the $350 is a handsome offer, especially since it's not a premium domain. Premium domains would be like Pizza.com, which are obviously worth more than yourwebsitehereisawesome.com just on face value alone.

    Domains that have websites on them are valued most reliably by their income multiples...which is a product of the website's yearly profit compounded over said multiple.

    So I'd advise you to take the offer, unless you have other plans for it.
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    I think its value is higher than $350
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    This is an interesting .com offer consider why the name is valuable?
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    It really depends on how much it's value holds to you.. Do you need it? If not, I'd say sell it.

    Maybe the guy has a website he wants to create, but for some reason need that domain name.

    I'd say put it on Flippa and send him a link to your auction and says he can bid on it or buy it through the "Buy it now" price. So you don't get scammed.

    Just for safety measures.

    That's my 2 cents..

    Hope that helps

    Take care, Adam
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    I received the same set of emails - same amounts - for two 4 letter domains I have owned for some time now - not to reveal his entire email address (which is all the contact info he has provided thus far) but the first part of his email is "dino" @ - let me know if yours is from the same name?

    Personally, I have filed both emails away until next year - maybe there will be a couple more upticks until then.


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