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Hey everyone, i have recently discovered domain selling/flipping and will be the first to admit i am a complete novice, after doing alittle research online and here on the forum i thought i would try my look and purchase a few, in your opinion do you think any of the following will have any potential, maybe for a streaming website/sports website, thankyou for reading:

FOOTBALLHDLIVE.COM discussion #appraise #domains
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    FOOTBALLHDLIVE.COM for a football site looks promising to me but the domain name by itself does not guarantee suceess. It depends on the content in my humble opinion. Good luck with your selling/flipping. Christina
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    You are better off seeking "appraisals" for domains on domain industry forums like Name Pros and the like. Just search google for Domain Name Forums
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    If they have blacklisted they are dead not worth a cent! they may have had pirate streaming and had google remove them from the search >>>this is theory but check out in Google first
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    The one that seems to have the most value is LIVEHDBOXING.

    It has a a nice flow to it, which helps in remembering the websites name.

    HDFIGHTS is good if it covers boxing as well as MMA or other types of fighting.

    LIVE HD BOXING tells the potential visitor looking for boxing, that you have it.

    As far as dollar value, you would need to establish a site that has mass appeal to create some value unless you are just name squatting.

    Best of Luck!
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    My unprofessional opinion,

    However, I have researched this myself, but, even if you have a decent domain, the ones that make money are "aged" domains that still get traffic even without having the old website.
    This is what gives them value. Simple thought up names have no value, or rank to them
    even if they may seem to be good domain names.

    Robert C.


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    Take the domains that you have, and create niche content for them and
    start building traffic and an audience.

    That is what builds real value.

    It's not what a lot of domain investors want to hear, but it's the reality in most

    Unless you have generic, memorable 1 and 2 word domains, most of the value
    you will be able to squeeze from your domains will be because of the businesses
    and brand behind the domain, not the domain itself.

    Also, getting involved with any domains that infringe on trademarks is a bad idea.

    Dump '' as fast as humanly possible. Just be really careful with TM issues.
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    Thankyou everyone for all your replies, you have given me some great advice
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    By themselves, most domains are worthless (unless they're the ultra premium 1-word domains like What gives the domain value is the website it's attached to. I'm not a domain appraiser but what I'd be willing to pay for those domains is probably about as much as I could buy them on Godaddy. In other words, not much.

    But if the domain was attached to a good website, with quality content and had a good amount of traffic, then that's an entirely different story.
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    I believe, as Brad said, that most domains don't carry inherent worth unless you find a very scarce, short (usually one word) dot com name that could be used for commerce (a product or service).

    The domain becomes valuable as you find people that themselves find value in the name. So for me, for example, a domain name like "footballHDlive" means nothing. But if you found the right person that had an interest in promoting live HD football steaming or some such thing, then you would have a candidate for the purchase of your domain. In other words, your ability to flip a domain name will come down to your ability to identify people that see value in your names.

    Be careful putting any credence in the free auto-generated appraisal web sites that purport to give you a relevant appraisal amount by typing in your domain name and hitting a few buttons. My experience with these sites is that they always give you an appraisal that is way beyond anything you could ever get for your name on the open market. Why do they do this? Of course, it's to get you to think you have found a very valuable domain name and then they suggest you register that name through their link ... fast .... before it's gone!

    I used to buy lots of names for "investment" purposes. I no longer do that as I found that I let most of them expire for whatever reason. Now, I only buy a domain name once I have a specific plan for a web site for that name.

    The best to you as you move forward,


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