How much do you think this website's price is ?

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Hi there, just wanted to get an idea about the price.


it makes 500-1000$ monthly.

It's a traffic generation service type Website and it sells a unique product (over 200+ copies sold)

The traffic is mostly from facebook (using facebook ads)

The website is ranked for some keywords on page one and two.

So what do you think ? discussion #price #website
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    The DNS has now been pulled, so can't check it.
    I think Ryan's take at $30k is too much, there is no way I would pay that. It seems like a young site, you need to way up risk against income, FB can change its algorithms at any moment and the key traffic source has gone, whilst the site is not a brand that people would normally search for. Therefore I would take the lower end of the monthly $500 x 1.5 = $9000
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    If you want to see the site use the wayback machine. Info for a few snapshots in 2016 only - nothing for 2017....domain registered fall, 2015. Currently registered in Morocco and doesn't seem to have been active this year so when is that income from?
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