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I sold my 2nd site at, and my buyer paid me 2 days ago.
My payment method is verified with paypal, but when I try to Withdrawal Money through it show me message, that is below:
"Withdrawal Warning.
Your PayPal account must be verified before we can transfer your funds to it. Please log in to your PayPal account and complete the required verification process."

But I have verified My Paypal with your requirement.

for confirmation I had disconnect my Paypal from my account and re-connect and re-verified, but they show same message.

Experts, Can anyone tell what is the problem and How I can Withdrawal My money through Paypal?

Thanks in Advance discussion #paypal #problem #withdrawal
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    better you reach out to PayPal support and get the problem solved either by calling them up at 1800 212 3852 or reaching out through email at
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    Have you checked the PayPal Resolution Center on your account to see if there is any open problems or cases that are limiting your account?
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    It's a paypal issue - contact paypal.

    Could be a technical problem - waiting till the buyer's payment has fully cleared - or use of a different email in the transaction (which means you need to add that email to your PP acct to verify it).

    And those are guesses - because only Paypal can tell you what the problem is.

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    I have no idea - don't use Skrill myself.

    Answers you get here about Paypal may not apply to YOUR Paypal acct.

    Your location is Bangladesh and it seems Paypal is very new to your country - the agreement between PP and the Sonali Bank may be totally different than Paypal regulations in other countries.

    Sonali Bank gets Bangladesh Bank nod to start PayPal services -

    Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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    have you add bank details , card and cell phone details? please kindly check on those things.
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    As others have said...RING PayPal. ON the phone they can resolve your issue quickly (based on personal experience anyway). Every person and account is different.
    Your country's rules may differ too.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    I would for sure call them. I have had problems with paypal as well and they always end up fixing things. Hope this isn't to personal but was the site that you sold earning income and did it sell for a good amount? I ask because I always wanted to try out that platform but have not gotten around to it yet.

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