Easy Ways to Get Free Traffic

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Without traffic -- any business, whether an online or offline business will fail.

So I got some tips for on how you can utilize these simple traffic machines. For FREE

Disclaimer: There's no such thing as really FREE. Yeah, this traffic methods are FREE but you got to invest something -- and that's TIME! Remember: Time is Money! Invest your Time = $$$

If this does work on you, then the real problem is YOU.

This has worked for me and I was where you are right now too -- trying to hustle how I can earn my first dime online

Now you have to implement as many as these traffic sources as you can. Implementing just one won't even tickle. For example, you implemented 3 sources and each source gives you 1 visitor a day.. that's 3 visitors a day and 90 in a month! It's not that much, but I know you can get more than that

Now as you implement more of these traffic sources, you will scale up your traffic significantly -- giving you 10 - 15 visitors per day.

Now as you build and scale up these sources, your traffic will magically scale up 10x or 15x or even more! So don't quit, keep learning, keep scaling! It will then a matter of time before you see results of your hardwork

Now these traffic sources are not secret at all. In fact, almost everybody knew it but underestimate its power resulting to not implementing it at all.

So let's rock!

1. Start Participating in Forums - Not just forums but RELEVANT Forums, where people hang-out, post their problems to find something light and the end of the tunnel. Reply to posts you can answer. You can also start sending them PM and answering PM you get from others as well. Build a relationship. Try to get them on your lists for future engagement and offers by having a link in your signatures (if applicable).

2. Long Tail Keyword Rankings - Now I can't imagine starting a website without utilizing long tail keywords. For the newbies, long tail keywords are those keywords which are consist of maybe 3+ group of words which gets 30+ searches a month which is really easy to rank in google. Now, many underestimate it again but having 100 long tail keywords that each get 30 searches a month is equal to 3,000 searches/month -- and it's way easier to rank these 100 long tail keywords in google than to rank a single keyword that gets 3000 searches a month. And one more thing, traffic from long tail keywords are really targeted traffic.

3. Youtube - You can make small videos on youtube targeting long tail keywords. Since youtube has a high authority by nature,you can rank your youtube video on page 1 of google almost instantly. Remember to put whatever your link in your youtube's video description. You can plan to post 1 video each day targeting 1 longtail keyword.

4. Blog commenting - Many say that blog commenting is dead and you can't rank your website using this. Every time I hear this, I want to cry lmao You don't do blog commenting for rankings but you do it for traffic. Participate and start commenting on blogs within your niche. Doing at least 10 comments a day won't hurt!

5. Social Media Sharing - This is easy, grow your fb page or join relevant fb groups and share your posts on your blogs if you have one. Share good information and capture their emails!


That's all. Really.

It's more than enough to kickstart your online business if you have the WILL to take action!

Invest some good amount of time each day and success will be yours!


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