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Hello, my friends!
I've been warrior forum reader for 2 years now and haven't actually made any users here, till now. Problem is that I need a small advice. I know that here are some professional people with good advice.
My problem is that everywhere I read people telling all kinds of advice... pick one niche and stick to it! Other people are telling to pick general niche.
I'm trying to open web design agency and I can't pick a niche. Either I should stick to only logos, or offer everything related web design (logos, banners, facebook cover photo and profile picture, youtube cover photo, etc..).
At this point, if I pick only logo disain whole home page should be selling this service. It would be easier for me and everybody else. But if I pick all other niches I don't have idea how should I promote and how should stranger know what I'm doing and offering to him on my webpage.
Of course, if I pick logos I will limit my income, but with other all niches, i can upsell more services.
Anyway, hope someone gets's it and can help me with this headache. I really appreciate all help! Sorry for my bad english.
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    Hey there, start with the easiest for you. if you have to start with logo and you 100% sure you can handle it. then start with logo. and this does not mean you have to stay on logos forever... after you start making income from logo, upgrade to other stuff.

    My my advise start small and grow bigger.
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    You should always start with what you know. If it's easier for you then you can concentrate on building rather than focusing on your design.

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