What's your favourite growth hack of all time?

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Mine is the extremely simple Hotmail one where they added "P.S. I love you" to the bottom of every email sent through the service. I know it doesn't exactly fit, as it's not really data-driven, but it does have that simple feature but huge reward feeling of a good growth hack.

What's your favourite growth hack of all time?
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    That was a great hack.... backfired once or twice when people wrote emails sharing terrible news!
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      Originally Posted by modelstar View Post

      That was a great hack.... backfired once or twice when people wrote emails sharing terrible news!
      To be honest I think that's why I like it. It's mischievous so it grabs attention.
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    I liked AirBNB implementing an undocumented Craiglist api to reverse post their published property.
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    For sure, mine is definitely Soulja Boy (I was a teeny bopper fan, I won't lie / no regrets haha).

    So get this, the dude revolutionalized marketing in the piracy game.

    Do you remember when you used to use KaZaa or LimeWire for your music downloads? (yeah we've all done it I'm sure, and we were well aware it was illegal but rarely regulated haha). As well as the ever popular MySpace back then.

    Right, well to get his music out there - he would rename his MP3 files as music from popular artists like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, 50 cent and as well as many artists in the rap/hiphop/rnb genre because that was his target audience.

    At first, most listeners would be like "wait what? This isn't Britney!", but sooner or later the came around to appreciating his music and with the signature "Soulja Boy Tell'em" within the first 5 seconds of each of his songs, it made the listener hyper aware of who they're listening to.

    From there it's basically history. Virality drove his career upwards with a growing fanbase. Big enough that the music industry would notice and viola - the rest is history (including his career because nobody knows what he's doing these days).

    But that was it, Simple Prehistoric Growth Hacking at it's finest.

    Now where are my Bathing Apes...
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    How is that a growth hack?

    It will only come in notice, only when the person opens the email.
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