GetResponse, Aweber, and iContact: Does it really matter what autoresponder you use?

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I know these are like the top three, but the first two are significantly more expensive per contact levels than the third.

Is it necessary to get the top brand? Wouldn't a simple autoresponder that does the basics be good enough for list building?

I'm not talking about getting free autorepsponders. I know those have slow send-out rates.
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    Of course it is. The interface does make a difference and also the options and tools. I believe that Aweber (I use it) is the best.

    Mike G
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    I have not used Aweber ever in my entire IM career so I can not say if Aweber is any better then Getresponse but all I can say is that I have been VERY happy with Getresponse for a couple years now.

    Getresponse also has an affiliate program.

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    Depends on what you want to use the list for. But with all honesty and yes I sound like a broken record. The money is in the list! So why not spend the extra few bucks a month to get a rock solid program for your list building?
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      Originally Posted by SeanSupplee View Post

      Depends on what you want to use the list for. But with all honesty and yes I sound like a broken record. The money is in the list! So why not spend the extra few bucks a month to get a rock solid program for your list building?
      Fair enough. I figured that if the money is in the list, and a cheaper product still creates those same lists that a more expensive product does, I'd probably save the extra cash, especially when starting out. I've wasted enough money as it is.

      As long as it doesn't break down constantly or have serious customer service problems, I'm cool with it.
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    aweber is the best. i have been using it for a long time. they have very user-friendly interface, tons of features + they constantly keep adding new features.
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      For those who are just starting out with list building and trying to keep expenses down, you may want to try PHPlist, at least in the beginning so you're not throwing money away on a service you're not sure you can subscribers onto.

      Not really hard to setup. I know some people's concerns are email to your host about spam, but when you factor in the cost of cheap hosting versus
      the cost of a professional list service, to me it makes sense to start out on PHPlist and make sure I can get subscribers. No point on having the meter running for an empty list.
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    aweber get's my recommendation.

    i have used icontact and they are also good, one thing that turns me off is their
    send limit...which I don't see anyone talking about.

    iContact Knowledge Base - iContact Knowledgebase

    basically you get to send 6x your list size in that means u can broadcast your list 6x per mo. after that you pay per msg! follow up emails also count against that send limit...


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    Each of the companies is very different and each offer different things. You do need to work out what you need for your buisness - long term.

    Also look at pricing and look at the high numbers because that is where you want to be and do not go for the cheapest.

    Hope this helps

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    The biggest thing with any autoresponder service is the email deliverability - which basically means, how many of your emails end up in your subscriber's inbox, rather than in the spam/junk folder, or simply getting rejected outright by the recipient's mail server.

    Aweber gets my vote, as their deliverability is fantastic.

    I've seen GetResponse's free account facility being abused by spammers in the past, so I don't know if I would risk an account with GR.

    I also have my own autoresponder/membership software at (DAP). Of course, with DAP, you can throttle outgoing emails to stay within your host's sending limits, or you can even configure it to use an external email provider like Fusemail to send the outgoing emails, thus totally bypassing your host's email limits.

    - Ravi Jayagopal
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    The one thing about Aweber is their opt in confirmation emails go out straight away. I found that with iContact, even though it's more affordable, the cut on price seems to go with a cut on speed. The emails, in my experience, seemed to take quite some time to send.
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    As mentioned the key with both Aweber and GR is deliverability. Using your own AR you might get blacklisted so its never a good option. That said GR is just garbage at the moment and they need to sort it and quick.
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    I believe it might be, but it doesn't determine
    your success, that's for sure...

    I use getresponse, many use aweber. Those are the 2 most
    popular so it just makes sense to use them.

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    Yes it matter when your are looking your email marking on serious node.

    Actually delivery rates sucks when you choose those cheap services.
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      Hi genie,

      i think email delivery rate is one of the most important things you should consider while choosing autoresponder.

      I have seen in blogs and forums that, most people say Aweber is the no. 1 for their email deliverability to the inboxes of your list. but their price structure will cost a lot when your list size increases with time.

      unfortunately, very recently Getresponse has increased their prices with almost the same structure as aweber.

      but, Aweber resellers can be really good for those who still want the highest deliverability and who are not interested to expense so much money when their business grows. most of the aweber reseller has the following structure of their pricing:

      First 10,000 subscribers for 19.95$ and for each 10,000 subscribers you have to pay additional 9.95$. So, for 30$ only you can easily have 20,000 subscribers.

      i can't remember all the Aweber reseller now but two . Xmailpro and Profollow. you can check them out.
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    I am with Get Response right now and nothing works - my sign up boxes have been out of action for over a week and my advertising on pause.

    Customer service is average.

    Pricing now going to be in line with Aweber so I would choose Aweber of Get Response without a shadow of doubt.

    I'm looking to close my Get Response account very shortly if they don't fix their issues. As I have 71 mailing lists this is not a task I relish!!

    Peace of I

    PS Thank you to those who posted more info on iContact - re limit of email sending - how does Aweber compare with this - do you pay per subscriber no matter how many emails you send or is there also a limit?
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    Have not used many autoresponders though, but recently bought GetResponse and my experience has been pretty good so far.I have contacted their customer service with queries quite a few times and I am satisfied to hear back from them within a few hours.

    Further, have heard aweber is very good too.

    Hope this helps,

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    ABSOLUTELY dlmartin - I started out like this and it's more than a pain.

    For a start you have to remove bounces but which ones? I had email addresses I knew to be good on the bounce list - they just bounced once because the box was full and were delivered second time.

    You've got to have your computer running 24/7 and with Mailloop whenever there was a short cut out of electricity or of the net the programme would stop and you might not discover that till the next morning.

    Sending your own emails is the pain of the century. Better off spending your time creating products and doing other marketing.

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    Hi - a comment from me based on instinct is to avoid any re-sellers because you'll have less stability.

    A bigger company will be more likely to continue into the future even if there is a change of ownership.

    Smaller companies or worse yet, an individual, will put you more at risk. What happens if they die, like Cory Rudl did?

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    I've only ever used AWeber, so I can't tell you how it compares to anything else. But I'd never even think of changing. They've never let me down, and I know they have great deliverability.

    It shouldn't matter too much that their prices go up with your subscriber count - you'll be making more money by the time your prices go up. And for the service they offer, their prices are still ridiculously cheap.

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