what video creation tool u use ?

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Guys, what video marketing creator tool are you using now?

Just wanna know if you also use those tools wtih monthly subscription and for new references for online marketing..

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    I have been using the free version of Camtasia , Ulead video studio. Even sometimes I use the Windows Movie Maker also. If you are expert in the Camtasia, you can use this one or Ulead. both of this app is working good. Thanks.
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    I use camtasia too, Video Maker Fx and Explaindio.
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    Camtasia & Video pad.. mainly I record with Camtasia recorder then edit it with videopad.
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    I actually started out many years ago using Windows Movie Maker and got alot of views with those videos. Today I use camtasia.
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    Using Easy Sketch Pro.

    Looking at Easy Video Suite, neat feature but kind of expensive.
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    For my main business as a Webinar host for Business owners, I also use Camtasia.
    It sure is easy to use and I save it as a MP4. So I can upload the webinar to Amazon S3
    as a Webinar replay. Works like a charm.
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    I use camtasia too. Very easy for screen recording and editing....
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    Camtasia should work fine for most IMer's needs.
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    I just use camstudio and a custom software called ArcSoft Video Impression. It's expensive, but gives you the option to instantly turn your video into a podcast with 1 click. I love it.
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    Depending on what I want to accomplish, one or more of the following:
    Sony Vegas
    Corel Video Studio
    Proshow Producer
    Sparkol VideoScribe
    Google Earth Pro
    PhotoStory 3
    DVD slideshow GUI
    Samsung video camcorders (2)
    CrazyTalk 5
    CrazyTalk Animator Pro 1

    Also recommend:
    VideoBlocks - stock video
    PresenterMedia - PowerPoint templates, videos and animated graphics
    AnimationFactory - Quality animations
    Easy Gif Animator
    Pixabay - free public domain pictures and images
    clker.com - Public domain clipart
    Audacity - free audio editor
    USB microphone
    Any Video Converter
    The Logo Creator
    Serif DrawPlus 5
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    Camtasia still #1 in my book. I don't think you'll find better quality anywhere else in terms of screen recording software.
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    camtasia good but have to pay window movie maker always free
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    I think one reason you're seeing a bunch of different responses here is that people do different things with video. I simply record on my own Iphone, since my videos are just talking about wine or other products. Simple and effective, especially once I get them transcribed.

    If you're taking images and voiceover your needs are much different than mine are though.

    What type of videos are you making? If you give us a better understanding of what you're picturing we can probably help suggest a solution-
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      I too just use the video on my tablet. Now I will need to add my contact info to my videos so I'm reading this thread with interest. I can't just record a short contact video to attach to each one I shoot cause I'm wearing different clothes. So I will have to do an edit and scroll my store addy and maybe phone number along the bottom. I sell one of a kind vintage collectibles in a brick and mortar store and I'm moving into online sales. I need a bigger market and eBay has gone nuts with "customer service" ideas.
      Windows Movie Maker was all the rage five years ago. I've been partial to Aviary but now it's gone. No one's even heard of it these days, lol.
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    I'm using Camtasia Studio for all my editing and most of my screen recordings.
    Another tool I use for screen capture is Bandicam (for full screen game captures only).

    Next I use Handbrake to reduce the file size and finally I upload it. I'm using Wistia primarily as well as Youtube for some extra traffic.

    And that's about all I use. Oh yeah, and a camera comes in handy as well
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    I have VideomakerFX, Explaindio, EZ Sketch Pro. I find Explaindio the most flexible. I also have Corel Video Studio for edits. These are good products, as is Camtasia. It's your experience with the given tool that is most important.
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    I love aTube catcher. Warning though it comes with A LOT of PUPs (possibly unwanted programs). Be sure to uncheck the offers. It has a good screen capture video and allows you to download Youtube videos (personal use only to avoid copyright problems)

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    Presently I am using Windows movie maker, but in the beginning I've used Camtasia and it worked great. I am unable to install on XP in these days.

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