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Hello warriors

I noticed that many people are promoting AzonAuthority - a way to build your own eCommerce style amazon affiliate store.

I am an amazon affiliate and make money from review style sites.

I just don't know how can amazon affiliate store get free traffic? This kind of sites just upload tons of products with description. No really original and unique content. How can they get ranked in google search and get traffic?

Is there anyone here have amazon affiliate store experience? Do you really make money using JUST google search traffic?
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    I've just checked out the Azon Authority sales page after getting 10 different email saying its gone live. I have to say I'm pretty impressed so far with it has to offer... I can see its got more value that the stores that are out there. It seems they've done their homework about how to get around the issue of Amazon affliaites link showing in the product buy button ... which is what all Amazon eCommerce stores do...(this one just redirects you there after checkout while it says 'we've found Amazon is the best price taking you there now'.....very clever....) ... i think if you stick the store on a trusted or aged domain (like a review site) for example ... then you could pick up low-competition organic search terms for that product OR just link to the store product from the review page (and say something like 'visit our store and to get the current price amongst our suppliers) ... i
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    Whatever you buy, you pretty much always have to drive traffic to. Sure, a site with Azonauthority will rank for long tail keywords, but that alone won't be enough, you will need to drive some traffic yourself. You know the stuff Google likes, Facebook interaction, Twitter, all that stuff. There's no free lunch! ☺️
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    You could add azon authority as a store in your amazon niche sites. Having unique content will help when using azon authority instead of spinned content.
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    I'm worried about footprints. I'm seeing lots and lots of footprints that Google can easily track and potentially penalize if they feel the sites don't provide enough "value".

    That said, why would anyone build an online business that is reliant on the Amazon affiliate's program? You have to send tons of traffic to get 4% commissions? I'd rather send tons of traffic to my own products and get 100% commission plus a list of leads.
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    I'd like to see some REAL reviews too. I've bought some of Sean Donahue's plugins in the past and I've refunded 50% of them because they were buggy as hell or required a really expensive OTO to get anything useful out of them.
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    Jesus, by your own offers you mean your own products? I guess some folks like being an affiliate. It is certainly possible to make a lot of coin with Amazon...or Clickbank...or CPA offers. But with any of that it is the effort you put into quality content on the site. This looks a darn side better than a lot of Amazon related plugins I've seen. Time will tell.
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    I didn't buy it. Here my concerns:

    - it depends on woocommerce so everytime woocommerce updates their plugin (and they do it a lot) this could bring issues to azon plugin.

    - can't mix it with products from other ecommerce affiliate site (I guess... I didn't see this on demo sites) which limits uniqueness.

    - every time you try to checkout it does the "magic" thing of "We've found the best prices for you on Amazon" which I guess is a lie. 1) Isn't good to lie to your visitors. credibility... 2) It happens all the time... (probably there are options inside to fix that - I'm just saying from what I saw in demos).

    - support issues. I bought profit builder (which has great relation quality / price) but support efficiency isn't so great...

    There is another theme that don't depend on woocommerce that does basically the same thing and allow you to add products from different stores (amazon, ebay, ....): Shopping Cart for WordPress | PremiumPress
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    ^if you bought profit builder did you also buy the "ultimate bundle" or whatever it was - it had an amazon extension to PB.

    I'd like to know how this new Donahoe product compares to the PB amazon extension add-on.
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    Looks good, but there is three up sells for example. 1) Pro Member $97.97 2) Upsell $97 3) Another upsell $197. Good program just be aware of the extra cost.

    Note: The upsells are optional.
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    I tried the product it didn't work properly and I asked for a refund same day I bought it. Still waiting for refund which I guess I'm going to have to go to PayPal to get. I bought the pro member.
    I don't know if you've noticed but he didn't market the product on the Warrior Forum..Wonder why? Maybe to easy for others to leave honest reviews?..I purchased some of his previous products and had similar results.
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    Still waiting on refund
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    You have to give the support team some time to respond. Did you actually go through the training?
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    I have both Azon Authority and Prosociate. I also bought the upsells on Azon and refunded on them

    I then bought PB separately because it looked like it could be useful. I still have Azon Authority

    I did get my refund in only 2 or 3 days. I was happy about that.

    There is one thing I could do with the Azon authority plugin that I couldn't do with Prosociate.
    That was pull in individual ASINs on a parent / child product. Prosciate couldn't do it, but Azon was able to.

    I have concerns about both plugins. There were times when I went to check out and it looks like the data did NOT go through to Amazon.

    And I was left with a big fat link that said "Continue on Amazon". I assume that means without any affiliate cookies being dropped.

    Further investigation seemed to indicate it had to do with when I was already logged into my Amazon account.

    I ran FB ads to one of the categories that I created by Azon. I spent about $20 and no sales so far. Of course, $20 isn't much. I'm just reporting my test to you - draw your own conclusions.

    I am not trashing anyones product or software either - I'm just sharing my experience so far.

    I'm also wondering about the '90 day cookie' thing. Is the 90 day cookie ONLY for the product they
    'check out' on? Or is it for all products that the person might buy from Amazon over the next 90 days?

    Furthermore, do you get commissions on items that the person didn't directly 'check out' on your Azon authority site in the first place? Basically the same question, is the affiliate cookie good for ANY item they might buy from Amazon or is it only good for the specific item they checked out on?
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    Right now i can't import products sadly.

    It's not working. Sent a support ticket. We'll see what happens...
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    Now the support site is down (happens a lot lately) that's when it's not the software site itself (members area) !

    Are they being DOS ATTACKED ? Or using so so servers ?
    Man i want this thing TO WORK as it's awesome arghhhhhhhh
    It's a killer software i'm telling you !
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    Please backup your site. Don't worry you won't lose your data when you reinstall. Deactivate and delete the Azon Authority plugin, then reinstall from your members area. Make sure you have backed up your site before deleting.

    If the issue persists you need to contact your host and ask them to configure your php.ini file to reflect the following (128M and max execution settings is an example only, you can ask to set them higher and will depend on your host's policies, some cpanel hosting providers use a .user.ini file):

    #Change upload limits file_uploads = On post_max_size = 128M upload_max_filesize = 128M memory_limit = 128M max_execution_time 600 #Change upload limits end

    If you have any issue with your host doing this for you then Sean has negotiated a special offer and hosting environment specifically for Azon Authority as well as his other products for his customers with JVZoohost AzonAuthority | 1 Month Free Hosting!

    If you need further assistance please let me know

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *********
    Trying to upsell me in a support ticket geeeeeee
    The box i'm using for this project is like 10 times hotter then what they are trying to sell me....
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