Is Wealthy Affiliate still working today?

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I was a WA member in 2007 until 2010. WA was good back then when Google Adwords is still not saturated and Ezine Articles is still ranked well on Google. Most of WA tutorials at that time is focusing on Adwords, Squidoo and EA. But then, by the end of 2009, Google banned lots of affiliate marketers and so it is not relevant anymore. Also, Ezine Articles are hit by panda and penguin updates making it impossible to get ranked with Ezine Articles or Squidoo. I rejoined WA in 2014 but I found out that the tutorials about SEO is not working. At least based on my experiments. However, this product is still over promoted at Ive Tried That and One More Cup Of Coffee which makes me wonder. Does it as good as it claims to be? Is the SEO techniques are really working?
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    I tried WA back in the early days and to be honest that product wasnt a fit for me, and to be fair to WA it wasnt because the information wasnt relevant to what I was doing. It was me personally I just wasnt ready for what they were doing at the time.

    Fast forward to today and I am generating leads and sales conversions through WF, linkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, pinterest and instagram
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    I haven't been a member in years, but if Marcel's
    claim is true then stay away.

    To be successful as an affiliate requires creating
    and delivering added value. If Marcel's claim is
    true that approach died about 5 years ago and it
    wasn't a good one to begin with.

    Also, we need to cease with this endless rumor that
    you can't use Adwords as an affiliate. The problem
    isn't affiliates - it's the mass of affiliates who
    created garbage landing pages.

    If you use a value-added approach, and deliver a
    worthwhile experience to people, Adwords welcomes
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    Azian, It sounds like you have years of experience.

    I doubt Wealthy Affiliates is a match for your needs any longer.

    You will probably learn more right here on the Warrior Forum by asking good questions, learning who to follow, and maybe investing in coaching from a respected Warrior, than you would through WA.

    That is just my opinion, though..
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    Wealthy Affiliate marketers works!
    but only if you have a very good quality products!
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    In my opinion, Bring The Fresh is more suitable for beginners than Wealthy Affiliate. BTF is one time payment, with refund while WA is monthly with no refund. This is important for beginners. For one thing, it is because if you haven't made a dime online, you will want to save the cost at first as much as possible. But most importantly,the main WA traffic method is SEO so it will take time, perhaps years to see result. This is not 2007 where you could setup Squidoo lens today (like being told in WA) and get ranked tomorrow and finally received your first paycheck in 30 days, which covered more than the WA monthly membership. This is 2015, where Google introduces Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Depending on your keywords, it will take 6 months to 1 year to get ranked and then hopefully make sales (that is if your traffic converts well) and receive your $100 paycheck. Even worse the SEO tutorials in WA doesn't recommend building backlinks manually, that was at least when I checked their tutorials in 2014. They want members to rely on natural backlinks only and natural backlinks take years to obtain, unless if you promote your blog using ads, Facebook or forum. And you will need tons of them to get ranked. Just imagine, you create a blog with hundreds of posts, waiting for uncertain perhaps impossible things to happen, that is getting backlinks, ranking, traffic and finally sales. Imagine how much do you spend on WA membership before you can see the first paycheck? In my opinion, if you rely on their SEO methods alone you will spend $1000 for WA membership before you can see the result. BTF on the other hand is one time payment. Also, just like WA, it is constantly being updated and it comes with support from the owner, Kelly Felix via Skype, forum, email and even phone. Which makes it the best alternative to WA especially for beginners. The only drawback with Bring The Fresh is their upsells, which are over priced and under delivers. When I looked at Google and BTF reviews, lots of customers were complaining that they were not happy with the upsells. However, upsells are not necessary. You can stick with their main course and purchase the upsells when you already see positive results.

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    I also agreed with Azlan.MY, if you look in google for example: Wealthy Affiliate scam, you not going to see a bad review, only wealthy affiliate marketers doing a review to promote the company, this is the first time that i see in a real community talking about wealthy company and people tell the trust about this, because you never going to see a bad reviews about this company, only positive reviews about the affiliate.
    Google seems to love negative reviews these days. If you search at Google for scam product name keywords, eg "binary boom" or "secure trader", you will find one or two negative reviews about these products despite these products have thousands of affiliates who are recommending them and competing to get top ten ranking on Google. Even good products like Bring The Fresh has negative reviews when you search for keyword Bring The Fresh scam. However, the case doesn't happen to Wealthy Affiliate. If you start searching from the root keyword, Wealthy Affiliate until Wealthy Affiliate scam, Wealthy Affiliate negative reviews, Wealthy Affiliate complaints, Wealthy Affiliate ripoff you won't find any single negative review on Google. Which is skeptical to most people since WA had been on the internet for 10 years and maybe already reach over one million customers (including members who unsubscribed). I mean, WA is a business. Not matter how good it is, it will be impossible not to have unhappy customers. When I was still a member in 2009, I also promoted WA. I do made referrals, but most of them canceled their membership after one month. If it is perfect and the customers are happy, then why do they leave?

    Originally Posted by federal06 View Post

    True, i think that the company is good, but the way that some marketers promote this product is a litle abussing, they use other product and do what they call bad reviews and then in the botton promote wealthy affiliate like the best source to make money online in the world.
    WA is perhaps one of the best money making products in the world, especially for beginners, but still I think it is not complete. Members still need to purchase third party products in order to start generating steady income. When I was still a member, I found out that many of those who are successful also purchased courses like One Week Marketing Action, 4 Day Money Making Blueprint, Google Sniper, Commission Ritual and Commission Blueprint. Tutorials in these courses covered the gaps and points missing in WA tutorials.For example, I found out that Commission Ritual covered more details into physical product, market health and product launch niches plus link building techniques which were not explained in depth in WA in 2009. That's just the nature of learning internet/ aff marketing. You might need to purchase several products in order to achieve success. Product A might cover what is missing in product B and vice versa. For example, Commission Ritual covers lots of techniques about selling physical products and link building which is not covered in WA. However, it still lacks things like using Google Adwords and list building which is taught in WA. Also WA members also bought third party keyword tools like Keyword Elite, Niche Finder, Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro. Also article spinner software like The Best Spinner. Of course, I don't think members will stick with the WA hosting for so long. Majority of them would switch to third party hosting like Hostgator and Blueshost. WA provides keyword tool, hosting and article spinner but these third party tools are far superior and really needed to take advantage over your competition and become successful.
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    I've been part of Wealthy Affiliate in 2012. It was a good opening experience for me BECAUSE I was a complete newbie. I can understand why it is regarded as scam or seen suspiciously by many people. One of the reasons would be that accusers (can be established marketers or successful website owners) already know all of the stuff mentioned within their courses and think that this is not something 'to-be-taught' or 'it's just common sense'.

    I discontinued it once I started 'getting' things. I just knew I was ready to begin solo (the constant forum/ community notifications were very distracting). Overall, it's a very newbie centric course which can give many newbies some of their first 'aha' moments. I must like to give them the credit of maintaining a very friendly and extremely helpful community. There's 24 live chat going on where you can find people sharing thoughts or asking quick questions by the rest of the community people. I'd give them a + for this.

    Yes, I do find to be VERY biast when it comes to promoting Wealthy Affiliate. One the other hand, I found I've Tried That: Online Program and Product Reviews much better (as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate).

    The course/ program/ membership of Wealthy Affiliate is very much alive but it is not suitable for established marketers or people who have somehow found success in making money through their website.

    ETA: I am not affiliated with it in any way!
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    I registered again as a free WA member using my newly created Gmail account and I wasn't impress at all. The entire purpose for free membership is to encourage new members to upgrade membership to premium member. After browsing the free members area, I can understand why it is free. The tutorials provided in the free membership are just basic and can be found for free using Google, such as site creation with WordPress, keyword research and basic on page SEO such as using All-In-One SEO, creating privacy policy etc. The rest, such as keyword tool, hosting, social media marketing and more powerful SEO techniques that should give you ranking and money are only available for premium members.

    Also what really annoys me is the review at One More Cup Of Coffee bashed the latest product from Dan Brock, Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded.
    According to the writer of One More Cup Of Coffee" I think it (Deadbeat Super Affiliate method) will produce minimal results, and if it does actually make money, I think it will be short lived.". First of all, I purchased the first version of DSA and the tactics work for me for years. Secondly, assuming that DSA method could last for just about one year or something, but hey, at least it will make your site ranked faster, maybe in a few days, make money faster and cover up the entire course itself. Compared to Wealthy Affiliate where you are taught to build an authority website which could take years to produce result and finally cover the entire year of WA membership.
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    If you're new to SEO and IM, of course WA can help since they taught you step-by-step, hand-by-hand from setting up Wordpresss site, to SEO plugin, content and site promotion. However, if you already ranked on Google for five keywords or more, you can learn more from this thread: Search Engine Optimization

    Also find all posts by nettiapina (View Profile: nettiapina) and Mike Friedman (View Profile: MikeFriedman)
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    Update: When reading one comment at onemorecupof-coffee, I found out that the owner also bashed Warrior Forum by saying that it isn't relevant to internet marketing anymore. And then, those who read his blog and already a WA member don't need WF. Is The Warrior Forum Relevant In Today's Internet Marketing World?

    Personally, I think that is ridiculous and perhaps laughable. I mean, of course that is his blog and he can trash talking WF but I don't think he should force it to his readers as well. Just because he doesn't like WF, it doesn't mean others don't like it too isn't it? I was also a member of WA, but I still think that there are tons more things that I can learn here in WF, for free, compared to WA.

    Also, today I found a real review from WAer who said that 90% new WAers won't make any money from Wealthy Affiliate. That article contains aff link so I cannot post the link here, but in case you want to read it, you can search at G for keyword "The problem with Wealthy Affiliate" and his post is ranked #1.
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    I have found that most of the content on wealthy affiliate is available for free online. In fact if you google for starting a blog you'll get more update info.

    Here's what my biggest dislike of Wealthy Affiliate is. You use WordPress for building a blog. For NEWBIES they help you install a wordpress blog on their interface / website .... Then wealthy affiliate advertises that if you are a premium member they will unlock the ability to install plugins on your site.

    But if you have your own domain, and hosting you can install wordpress for free and install all the plugins you want for free.
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    WA is probably one of the lamest program (In My Opinion).

    It's like the ONLY method for their affiliates to make money is by bashing other companies, commenting on each other's site to help with ranking and recommending WA as the "BEST PROGRAM".

    I've asked a few of these so called "Scam Busters" if they are making money any other way and the answer to that is always like "Yes, we have members doing blah blah blah".

    Nice way to not answer the question...

    I know it seem like I'm against WA but the truth is I don't think their affiliates know any better than to do negative reviews to siphon traffic over to their WA affiliate link.

    Just do a quick search on ANY bizop or IM product out there and there is a high chance some WA affiliate is ranking with a review article WITHOUT actually owning the product.


    Do you want to know how to make money unethically, if the answer is yes. Maybe WA if for you.

    If you want to be a true marketer and actually know how to drive traffic etc etc then WA is NOT for you.

    Just my 2 cent.
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    yes correct ,just search on google for any product ,There will be affiliate of WA he will be seen telling that

    Product xyz is not good ,here is my no 1 recommendation and i know it will be wealthy affiliate ,I have seen this atleast 1000 times in the past and the affiliate actually reviewing the product xyz has not even tried it
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