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Anyone tried this? The videos seem good and the concept seems pretty straight forward. I was just curious if the information you get is worth it. Since i am moving into afilliate products now that my adsense is doing well i want a good source of information to help me along. the site was Simple Sites Big Profits - Make Money Online!
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    just bumping this to see if anyone tried it yet
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    Hey Man!

    I was just looking around ans saw this post about simple sites big profits!

    That was the first thing i every purchased on line!

    His information is good, but it is designed for a person who is getting started with internet marketing so if that is you then great! He teaches niche stuff.


    Micah Rush!


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    Hey... Micah... how have you been.

    Its been a while since i talked to you. i remember when you first started and ordered simple sites big profits... i think at that time it was version 1.

    at any rate... let me know how you are doing.

    also email me and ill send you the update to the latest version... version 3.

    ive added a ton of new videos on some more advanced topics.

    looking forward to hearing from you.


    PS: For Captive... let me know if you want to get the program. it comes with 30 days coaching if you have questions need help or want me to evaluate your sites.
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    Hey Everyone,

    I had to chime in on this one. Marcus is the real deal. He's been quietly making a fortune with CPA programs for a while now. His program is really straight-forward and he spells out everything for you. It's under-priced in my opinion given all the information in the program.

    If I were you, and your serious about Internet Marketing... I would seriously consider his program.
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    Hi Joel,

    I have to tell you that there may be some people who can't wrap their head around Simple Sites, Big Profits, but that may be their mindset; they are LOOKING for a rip-off, or just looking to fail! But, after using this series of programs for almost a year, I can say without a doubt that THIS is the BEST tool I have ever used in three years. Some might say that they can't make money with this program; they're just not doing somethings right. All you need to start is the desire, the want-to, and the tools which are vital in this industry! I can tell you, unless your expecting someone to GIVE you money, Simple Sites Big Profits is the BEST way to turn this business.
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    Interesting how these 2 testimonials
    are from people with 1 post each and
    with no personal information in their profile.

    Just my observation from being around
    here for 4 years.

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    Hi there captivereef,
    I was looking at you post on here asking to see if anyone had tried "Simple Sites, Big Profits," yet. I would like to put in my 2 cents about the program. In my 3 years of Internet Marketing I have to say that I've not seen ANY offer that even comes close as this one. I mean that, honestly. I mean where else are you going to find the info all rolled into one place? It's like all the ideas and business modles are put right there for you to pick from and make money. One thing I can say is I've never been happier with a program in my life. I know there are many who'll say, "it's junk, try MINE instead!" And, if that's the way you want to go, it's okay. But Simple Sites IS the best hands on program for the novice or the experienced too. You should check it out!

    You will NOT be sorry1
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    Yes, the salepage and video look promising.
    I'm thinking about trying it.
    But want to know if anyone makes money using this program ?

    I don't know why people keep talking about "the mini site formula"
    coz I feel simple sites big profit might be easier than "the mini site formula".
    Just 3 pages website and make $20/site/day, would that be great ?
    I didn't say "making $137/site/day" as claimed by Marcus Campbell.
    But $20/site/day is much better than building 100 sites and make $3/site/day, isn't it?

    Just my 2 cents
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    Looking closely at the sites on the sales page, this looks like Adsense arbitrage. Can anyone taking the course confirm or disprove that? I seem to recall about a year ago people losing their Adsense accounts for using arbitrage.
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    Is anyone making REAL money using adsense. It seems to me that making money a few cents at a time is a lot of work for not much money.
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    It was also my first product. its good basic info, if you are a noob, you will get a good grasp of the content. Its all very basic, basic ppc, CB, design, etc. nothing really indepth though.

    But with what i know now, i probably would have went another route. It covers all the basics of how to get started and thats about it

    If you dont have any money to spend on ppc, this might not be for you. I had to learn that the hard way. if you do buy, i would recomend you read alot more about ppc, seo, copy and organic traffic.
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    Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post

    Well I purchased this on Friday, 3/6 then I get an email saying its on sale now for half off on Monday 3/9....sent a message to Marcus Campbell regarding this.

    Will keep posted.
    Hey, Just curious....did he ever reimburse you for the difference in price. I would think honoring that would be pretty much expected. Thx. AW888
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    Not to try and sound uppedy, (is that a word?) Anyway, the people who are replying to this don't even know what they're saying! Of course Marc STARTES with the basic stuff, I mean where ELSE asr you supposed to start? Anywaycheck out his FREE videos and stuff that doesn't cost ANYTHING, Go to his blog, ask him questions, don't listen to otherpeople, try it for yourself!

    OH, tell him info4life sent you.......
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    Yeah, I used to think that as well, in the beginning it is. BUT what I've learned from THIS site has been very helpful indeed. Please, Check it out!
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    Hey captivereef,

    There are TONS of programs that give you mega promises of tons of bux for little work, oh yeah, guaranteed! One word for that, well two words, yeah right! If you were a betting man you'd blow THAT off in a hurry. But in simple Sites he takes you through ALL the aspects of SEO and gives you the HOW, WHAT, WHY, WHEN & WHERE of the business. Even get a 30 day coaching club for free. If you want check this site to confirm....
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    I have been on Marcus's mailing list and he provides value to the people on his list. He has one of the best list I have been on as far as free content is concened. I have not bought his course but I have respect for his offer. If this is something you have an interest in I would not hesitate to purchase his course. He gives you his phone number so you can call and speak to him personally.
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    seems interesting i go and check it out and give feed back
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    Originally Posted by Cashman View Post

    I have not bought his course but I have respect for his offer. .
    If you are recomending this, why havent you purchased it yet?
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    Well i had never tried this kind of thing and neither i want to suggest to you. Making money on internet is never that simple as portrayed.
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    Is this similar to Niche Profit Classroom? Sounds similar that you build small niche
    sites and make $5-100/day from each site...

    How much additional cost other than hosting? Is there a upsell?


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