Is this legit ?

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Is this traffic site legit, or a scam ?

Has anyone used it, including the paid signups, whatever that is used for?
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    I haven't tried it, but it doesn't look legit. Safest to use for getting traffic are social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also join forums with your signature attached to your posts.
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    I wouldn't trust them, not at the expense of your affiliate accounts.
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    All the guy sells is expired domain traffic. Taking a small amount of money from many buyers adds up.
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      Please provide additional information to support your input. An elaborate explanation on why he must not do it would suffice.

      Originally Posted by johnny west View Post

      Don't do it!
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    No, just taking a look at their website looks old and outdated. Having said that, I can see it would be bots. And taking a look at their traffic flow, they get about 10 real visitors a day, so any company selling traffic, and don't get much traffic themselves, obviously don't know what they're doing. Bottom line, they will send bots to your site, full stop.
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    Done a little research on the link, which by the way received 3,300 Visitors over the last 6 Months with a Bounce Rate of 42%! Only 16% of those visitors are from US. I agree with daniel27lt, you cannot sell what you didn't master, this may very well be nothing but bot traffic!

    The best Traffic is free traffic, but it's a lot of work and requires a lot of time and research. Your quality and quantity of visitors is determined by your targeting. Converting those visitors, is done with relevant, interesting and useful content. You need to inspire a desire.
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    Just for future reference, if you have to ask if traffic is legit, it's not.

    Pay per click ads from Faceook/Google and oragnic traffic from search engines is the only traffic you should ever invest in.

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