Anyone heard of Textbook Money from Luke Sample and Jon Shugart?

by bubbashrimp 39 replies
Luke Sample did a webinar a short while back regarding a product/program he has created about arbitrage of textbooks with Amazon.

Just wondering if anyone picked it up and has any first hand information or comments.

Thanks in advance.
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      AH SNAP!

      Bought just a few days ago. Still going through the training.

      Knew the margins were going to be very tight but did not anticipate the shipping issue.

      Knew about the 365 day refund issue and agree with you - they may have disappeared but also I think that you will get some flack from the cc card company for waiting for a year. They may have a shorter time period where you can claim a refund.
      They also have an even funkyier refund clause - as long as there is $1000 in arbitrages during the year you can't get a refund.

      I want to go through the training a do a few books but if I get the same approach I will ask for a refund.

      Will want to move fairly quickly though - don't know how long they want to keep running this and don't want them to scoot.

      Have an idea of some leverage to get a refund from them so lets stay in touch. We may be able to help each other.

      Shoot me your email if you wish and I will contact you.


      Originally Posted by Jmbecker View Post

      Yes, I bought the system. It takes WAY too long to find a reasonably profitable book - about three hours to find two books with a profit of $25 each. Most "profitable" trades returned were $2-3 on a $200 book - not very good use of my money. Ordered the books, and set up the trade. Waited to print the shipping label so I wouldn't lose it. Didn't think this would be a problem. First one took 11 days to get here - Amazon gives you 7 days to send in your trade. So I went to my trade in account and couldn't print a shipping label. When I re-checked on the book, the trade in value had gone down so I actually had a $35 loss on the book! No mention of this possibility in the course. I will be requesting a refund but they had some funky 365 day refund policy implying they weren't going to refund anyone until they had tried the system for 365 days - who is going to remember to refund after 365 days? Meanwhile they have my money and disappear? I will be contacting my credit card company to file a complaint if they won't refund, along with the Better Business Bureau and FTC.
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    The big question is how are they turning the Amazon Gift Card into CASH

    I see some potential with the system, my biggest question is getting the Amazon Gift Card into CASH
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      Been in TB$ for 10 weeks now and yes it can take a while to find profitable books. Then there are days like yesterday that I found $220 in under 3 hrs. You have to stick with this to develop your own strategy that works for you. I am at about 4K now and am running 2 other businesses online also. It is separate from TB Arbitrage but they go hand and hand. You can fund the book buying for the BA with the gift cards which is the best case scenario. You can also sell your trade in books to a 3rd party buyer who pays in cash. That is how you sift off dollars to convert. This system does work if you put in the time and don't quit. The guarantee is there for people who will not do those things and can't make it work for whatever reason...could be better IMHO! If anyone wants to talk to me shoot me a message and I will be glad to answer questions.
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    Any updates on experiences with this? BubbaShrimp?

    I just saw the webinar for this last night and am interested, but am wary of the "Gotchas!" like mentioned here.

    At a minimum, I know margins can be small so I'm wondering if it's worth it. A brief search of Amazon showed an impossibly slim profit margin: $2-3. And many showed no profit at all.

    JMBecker, doesn't their software help find books with a reasonable profit margin in a reasonable amount of time?

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    Well, this is really disappointing. I was just about to pull the trigger on this. The webinar is certainly deceiving - they show every page of Amazon their magic plug-in finding $300 of profits. I guess if it seems too good to be true...

    If you Google "buy giftcards" you can find a few companies that do it. You can also sell them on eBay.

    Glad I decided to search the forum before I plunked down the money for this one. Hard to believe their two pages full of video testimonials are all fibbing, but most of them seemed to be early on in the process. Maybe this worked great when there was only a handful of people doing it, but now that there are dozens or hundreds, the competition has made it nearly impossible.
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    The price and the monthly fee, if you didn't purchase on the webinar, are ridiculous. Another too good to be true.

    The other give away is he took the first 30 minutes of the webinar repeating himself about what we would be shown, instead of just getting to the point.

    I've learned to never trust the presenters who feel the need to pose in front of a Ferrari or Lamborghini, too pretentious. If your offer is real, your offer should need over the top props.

    I'm open to new ideas, but this is not effective or profitable for the time and money invested.

    A waste of time.

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