Anyone have experince with Gerry Cramer's Overnight Super Affiliate Program

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I recently saw a pre-recorded webinar "No Product Funnel" for the "Overnight Super Affiliate Program" with presenters/creators Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones. In the webinar they claim 60% success rate from their students. The method involves affiliate marketing selling Clickbank products via Facebook ads.

After watching the webinar I did some research on the $997 course to find some real reviews & etc... and surprisingly I found very little, but did discover that the same exact webinar has been running for the past 12-18 months.

That said, I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with this product they would be wiling to share.

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    You'd better ask them directly if they can introduce you to one of their existing clients. Sitting here and waiting might not be useful for you.
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    I think the OP was looking for a non biased review vs a testimonial from the vendor themselves.

    I'm sure this post will also be deleted as was my previous post and several from different users because there's an agenda here and we're not invited.

    Funny place now.
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    Hey, Ben! I understand if you're upset. However, you MUST follow the forum rules. It's quite simple and clear, as the rule's also posted as a sticky in this section.

    Also, the rule says clearly that it's there to prevent spammers. This helps build a good reputation to the section and review - not to force members to dig into the forum.

    Here's the link to the rules, so that you'll be aware with your violation: The Rules For This Section...

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    messiah, I asked if anyone had seen this product to get some honest feedback and my comment was deleted... what is going on here?
    Originally Posted by Ben sixeight View Post

    lol, did you even read what I wrote?
    Your response encouraged me to dig a little into warrior forum. It seems you are very naughty frauds. Thank you for revealing yourselves to me early.
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    I think this program would have worked in years gone by

    Keep in mind also these guys sell a cloaking service

    To be blunt - no this program does not work without cloaking

    It requires (in order to work):

    1. Several thousand dollars

    2. Many disposable FB ad accounts

    3. CLOAKING!!!

    4. Preferably an existing front that is accepted by FB ads - legit ads & landing pages

    The way to make this work is take or make a bunch of ads that are approved - and may or may not be profitable.

    Then redirect it all to your high CTR ads and converting landing pages

    So if they are saying this program works without cloaking that is false

    Your ads will not even get approved
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      Hi Gareth,

      Just defending my product here as I stumbled upon this post.

      I find it funny how people are so quick to claim knowledge when they have none. Saying so boldly that something doesn't work when clearly they haven't tried it themselves and clearly their knowledge is severely limited.

      BTW, the fact that I give free access to my cloaker in no way means that my approaches don't work without cloaking.... in fact 99% of my customers and users do NOT cloak. And we get our ads approved constantly. I only share Ad Cloaker with customers to give them a peek down the rabbit hole of the kinds of power tools we have at our disposal should you ever need them... which is rarely.

      AND sorry if I come across as tooting my own horn but in defense, 8 out of the top 10 Clickbank super affiliates on top Clickbank offers are currently my students... and have been for a long time.

      We dominate Clickbank as of right now... today and have done so for going on 5 years now.

      I welcome anyone to challenge that...

      That's why Clickbank paid the way of their affiliate marketing director to fly nearly 10,000 miles to where I live in Bali to attend my private mastermind just last week...

      ...because many of their top super affiliates (my students) were attending.

      At least one of my students have become THE #1 super affiliate on the entire Clickbank Network. And, that was without cloaking.

      Fact is, I don't know any of my students on the affiliate leaderboards who got there by cloaking.

      I only wanted to pop in for a second and share some additional insights from someone who actually knows to offset the misinformation being spewed here.... write me off as biased if you like but, I'm trying to just show the opposing view here.

      For the record, I've always admired WarriorForum creators and this forum however this is the first time I have been on this site in several years and I don't follow the threads here so I may or may not see your replies..., if you reply please don't consider my non-response as a yielding to your future arguments and challenges.... not that you'll necessarily have any... you all seem like reasonable people.

      Either way, I'll try to stop in again over the next couple days in case someone has questions or something to say.

      To the OP: Yes, Rise Academy works... I have no intention of using WF as a platform to promote my product and I'm sorry your question didn't get more feedback from actual users. We are a high ticket offer with only a few thousand students so I doubt this forum is jam packed full of Rise Students

      I'll leave you all with one thought...

      I'm not so sure why everyone is looking for some "thing that works" and listening to one person's view and making a decision based on that. My point is... Yes, you want to be using a strategy that is effective, scaleable, backed by good people who aren't out to make a buck and who will be there for you and be around for a long time to support you....

      But, beyond that, your success isn't going to come solely because of some product. It's going to come because of you... your attitude, your mindset, your ability to follow instructions, you taking massive action on your goals, your ability to stay focused and your ability to stay dedicated and not give up on yourself as soon as roadblocks pop up (which is always going to happen no matter your path).

      I just encourage you to trust your own instincts when deciding whether or not to join any program or to use any strategy or to hop on board with any community, mentor or teacher... if they resonate with you, go for it. If not, then don't.

      But as soon as you decide what path you're going to commit to, go balls to the wall and stay super dedicated and don't give up on that path too soon. If you do, you're not giving up on the program. You're giving up on yourself. Most people fail to realize that and they end up bouncing around from one thing to the next and never really committing to one thing and THAT is why they fail.

      Your success timeline depends on internal factors more than external ones and it's knowledge that will shorten that timeline for you.

      If you're going to succeed, one day it's just going to happen.

      ...but, I can almost guarantee you that moment will coincide with you overcoming some internal obstacle... not because you chose a new marketing platform, software or program.

      What will happen is you'll actually follow through on something and that's when you'll discover your own personal breakthrough. It will happen somewhat independently from the actual strategy or product they're using as a vehicle to get there.

      Of course I know my approaches are legit, simple and proven...

      ...but, that's why I also invest so much energy into helping students overcome their own limiting beliefs and broken mindsets because I know that someone capable of overcoming themselves is going to be successful at whatever they set their mind to... it doesn't have to be my program or Facebook Ads... it can be something else entirely. They're simply on a success path so I want to be the person that helps you see the light and help put you on your own success path by providing the blueprint, the mindset and personal development so you can have your ultimate breakthrough.

      Just keep that in mind when you go searching for outside input on something that is very much a personal journey. Focus on your own personal development, hone your skills, master your "self" an you won't have to worry about much else.

      I know that may sound a bit fluffy but I'm also being genuine and real.

      Feel free to reach out to me directly via social media (FB, IG, Twitter @gerrycramer).

      Gerry Cramer
      Rise Academy

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