How can you tell if a testimony / review is fake?

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I saw this post here:

In the same vein, I was wondering how you can tell if a testimony or review is fake?

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  • A good rule of thumb, at least for me, is to consider all "proof" such as screen shots and all reviews/testimonials as fakes or less than 100% honest.

    I've given a number of reviews and only the positive ones are shared by the owner with their prospects. Imagine that!

    Having said that, every review I've personally provided has been honest. In some cases, the real product doesn't match up to the hype "feeling" of the sales letter so there was a slight emotional letdown but if the product does everything it promised it got a positive review.

    Buy based on your needs and whether, without looking at "proof", you believe the product will meet your needs. Try to buy based on logic and facts and don't get sucked in and make an emotional decision.

    How do you tell a fake testimonial? It's hard to ever know for sure. You can always check and see if the reviewer is in the good old boys club where the reviewer and owner are swapping reviews. Other than that, as I mentioned above, assume all are tainted in some way.

    As for anyone advocating fake testimonials, they are lying, scamming, scum.


    Originally Posted by dgmufasa View Post


    I saw this post here:

    In the same vein, I was wondering how you can tell if a testimony or review is fake?

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    Originally Posted by dgmufasa View Post

    In the same vein, I was wondering how you can tell if a testimony or review is fake?
    One way is doing a reverse image search.

    It may not uncover paid reviews or paid testimonials but it can uncover where else the image is used which can sometimes help.

    Details are here--->

    Best regards,

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    I think you should take testimonials with a "pinch of salt" Screenshots can be manipulated and may (as Oziboomer said) be used elsewhere on reviews for other products.. I like to see video testimonials with people actually demonstrating the product before I think about buying the product... but base your decision on other things too obviously, like seller reputation etc.
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    Well, if it's too good to be true, then I'm sure it can't be all blue, lol. I tend to trust the reviews where you can find some pros and cons. Like it is not all bad and it is not all good. Also where the tone is like from a friend helping you to make the right choice rather than to have a review saying at the end buy, buy... I guess that eventually you just have to follow your instincts. You either believe or not. Hope you can find a word or two here to be helpful. Cheers.
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    I ignore all reviews that ends like....but WealthyAffiliate is better choice you should try ....bla bla
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      Originally Posted by Ratamok View Post

      I ignore all reviews that ends like....but WealthyAffiliate is better choice you should try ....bla bla
      Couldn't agree more. Is there an internet business that Wealthy Affiliate has NOT called a scam? Testimonies don't particularly move me because I don't know those people and I have no idea if what they say is even true so I generally don't even read them. If there's a video that reviews the company and that takes you into the back office of the system and can maybe show you their earnings, then this might be more believable. Maybe.
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    This is the problem with the Wild West of online marketing.

    If you're good at reading body language and tones of voice, you can usually tell really fast that a video or audio testimonial is fake.

    You can usually find the culprits video testimonial on a place like Fiverr.

    As for text testimonials.

    Let's take testimonials from Solo ads, because they are a huge scam.

    Many of the solo ad testimonials only ever say YES to having a sale(s).

    They could have spent $300 on solo ads but only received 10 sales of $5 for a total of $50.

    It's all about the ROI.

    Also, solo ad testimonials are actually from other solo ad vendors.

    Search my other posts to learn more about the solo ads testimonials scam.
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    I like to do a Google image search on the persons testimonial image and sometimes their is a discrepancy so to speak.
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