Don't Buy Any Fiverr Traffic Generation Gig Before Reading This

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Hi, I'm just wanting to warn people to be aware of all the traffic generation gigs on Fiverr. There are more and more popping up every day. They all claim to be real, but I guarantee you that 100% of them are not. They all use software to generate the leads. All the traffic generated will give you a 100% bounce rate with only 1 page viewed.

A lot of them say its Google Adsense safe, but I assure you that there not. Google is not stupid and they know more about this scam then the people who made the software to begin with. People pay Google heap's to advertise to real people, so Google takes this very serious.

I writing this as one of my clients thought it would be a great way to get 1000's of daily visitors to their website, only to find out that there were no conversions, and all the traffic was either coming from China or somewhere else with the same IP address. And if it's not the same IP address they use a proxy to change the IP.

High bounce rates will only give your site a bad name in Googles eyes that it's basically telling them there is nothing interesting on your site.

When I do a search on Fiverr I notice there are tons of great reviews, this is only because the people who purchased these are trusting the sellers to give them real visitors and doesn't know about traffic generating software. But it only takes 1 second to do a Google search (search on Google for "Traffic Generating Software") to find there are endless amounts of software available for anyone to do this themselves. Or furthermore, articles warning users the risks of using them.

Let me and the community know if you've either purchased any of these gigs or had any good or bad experiences.

NOTE: I shouldn't say all are bad, but 99% of them are.
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    Thanks for the heads-up, Daniel, and sorry to hear about your experience.
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    I agree... almost any dude with a computer and internet access can start a Fiverr gig and sell traffic. Don't waste you time & money. Instead, invest in long term traffic.
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      Anyone needs a start, customers do not trust new people, so they have to create trust
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    Unfortuanetly, there are tons of these gigs on Fiverr. People only leave good reviews because seller delivers the traffic within 30 days but you need to review the gig as soon as possible. So before seeing any results people leave review.

    They even send you junk traffic from Canada, USA, UK and other english speaking countries. So you think that it will be quality traffic.

    Even if you buy 100.000 clicks you will not even get one lead or click on your ads. (if you are using adsense)

    I wish I could warn anyone before they fall into this scam...
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    Thanks for this valuable warning on the common traffic generating gigs
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    Yes I concur that everyone to steer clear of the traffic generating gigs on Fiverr. Rather, focus on the many useful gigs there that are helpful to people in the IM world such as article writing, wordpress gigs, cheap graphic creation etc...lots of legit uses there if you look.
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    I've found that this information is, for the most part, correct. Traffic generation from fiverr is usually junk. I did find one who provided good traffic, but it wasn't for five bucks. He has since removed the gig and I have to get my paid traffic elsewhere.
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    I agree. 99% of them are bad and poor quality. Not mentioning that there are Fiverr account generators and ways to get comments that aren't from real customers. So, a lot of the offers out there are pure illusion.

    I've never used it even though it's sometimes tempting to try them out. Like, come on... "Will send 500 000 views to your Youtube video for $5" or "10 000 Facebook likes for $5".

    My friend tried it ones. Within over a week it got him 10 000 visitors, but all of them were from Africa or the Middle East. What is more, his profile was about wedding photography and he was based in Warsaw, Poland. Why would 10 000 visitors from a Far Far Away Land be suddenly interested in a small company in PL? He had to create a new FB page and start over again.

    I guess the best way is to build an (online) business at the fastest pace as possible and not cutting down on safety and caution at the same time.

    Good luck!
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      Originally Posted by TMets5 View Post

      that's interesting as FIVERR is widely promoted by many IM product creators as a great traffic generation resource esp for video ranking and backlinking services. Best to be very cautious.
      Fiverr is not bad for backlinking to videos. There are some very good providers I use to this day and I get my videos ranked quickly. But you don't get the good services for five bucks. Those always cost you more.
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    Great advice here thanks. I haven't even taken a look at traffic gigs on there in so long, but last time I looked I thought the exact same thing you're saying.

    It most likely has to be one of google's top priorities to keep that stuff to a minimum.

    I remember at a marketing speaking event I went to last year, they were speaking about how huge of a problem bot traffic/fake traffic is and how aggressive companies strategies are like Google to kill this kind of stuff.

    Wouldn't surprise me at all if advertiser losses due to this run in the hundreds of millions if not more. Last thing I read estimated ad fraud runs in the billions of dollars per year
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    Yep true, have you heard of Experiment yourself how fast will google wipe you

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