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I bought the system last week and it looks easy but it has a major flaw. It will load all your pages including the ones you may have deleted years ago.

I also sent in a support ticket and after 5 days. No response.

I'm now getting scam emails from the affiliates and others about a support webinar that will help you with Reach Multiply.

Guess what?

It's an outright lie.

The new trend in IM is to promote webinars that are supposedly member only for a recent product launch and they totally promote a new product unrelated to the subject. I also recently found out from a close friend that they actually lie about who is make purchases during the webinar to fool listeners into jumping on board.

I'm done with webinars like this.
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    I agree. Too many webinars promise to help with a product you purchased but spend 95% of the webinar talking about another product.

    I just started using Reach Multiply and the only concern I have with it so far is that there does not appear to be any way to provide atrtibution for the Tumblr images you can pull in.

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