Beware of MailZingo

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I purchased the pro version only to find that it's very limited. This is the top front-end option. Once you're in, you realize that unless you spend another $77 for the Elite version, there isn't much you can do with this software.

For instance, you're limited to only a single campaign with no access to stats or even the ability to view your suppression list.

I requested a refund. I'm not alone. If you look at their JVZoo stats, you'll see they're having a lot of refunds requests.

However, it's been several days, and I can't get them to honor their money-back guarantee.

First, they ignored me. Then, they told me I could upgrade for a discount. I keep insisting on a refund, and as of right now, still haven't received one.

There are many options for doing mass mailings out there that are superior and less expensive.

Avoid MailZingo like the plague.
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    Update: I opened a PayPal dispute and finally received an email saying if I would close the dispute, I would get my refund. Otherwise, because of affiliate payouts, would only receive a partial refund.

    I went ahead and closed the dispute, and I still have not received the refund.

    I've asked for less than five refunds in 20 years of being in the IM world. I always got them right away. I guess I've been lucky, but I'm concerned that since I've closed the dispute, I won't have any recourse if he doesn't refund the money.

    Live and learn!
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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    I finally received the refund. They probably saw these posts.
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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    That was a crock of BS. You always get the full refund and the affiliate would take a hit on their Paypal account. They asked you to do this for three specific reasons:

    -Refund rate: Attracting affiliates requires a low refund rate. This is their way of fooling affiliates in future promotions by using statements like "$50k launch and no refunds" in their JV page copy since the refund doesn't register in JVZoo or W+. It was probably a payment that was sent to you, right? If it doesn't show refunded in JVZoo/W+, then that's what they did.

    -Paypal Refunds: Refunds look bad on Paypal and implies poor products are being sold. Too many and your account may get closed or limited (they hold your money and kill the launch and upset affiliates)

    -Paypal Disputes. The more disputes that are filed, the greater the chance of losing your Paypal account. Closing the dispute helps them keep their account open a little longer.

    You're very lucky you got your money back. Closing a dispute makes it impossible to get your funds back through Paypal. The only other recourse is a chargeback which gets troublesome for the merchant and your personal Paypal account.

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      You are correct on all counts. By the way, I've been in the IM game for a loooooong time. This shows that even I get sucked in sometimes. lol.
      Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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