Anyone using Newspapers Alive?

by Marc Lawrence 8 replies
Has anyone tried this service?

Is it easy to maneuver through your zone changes?
Can you add your own source code html via the offer page editor?
Were they able to meet the daily hit quotas without fail?

I am curious to hear others thoughts.

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    I’m in. Just working on my second offer page revision after a week of circulation. I’d definitely recommend you try them out.
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    I have been using this service for over a month and the results have been impressive.

    After joining there is about 30 minutes of “straight to the point” training that I believe you would benefit from.

    - Zone changes - I use textmarks to notify me when my zones are due to be changes, but I also lose my car keys on a weekly basis, so ya There is a timer in the members area that shows you when you’re next eligible zone change is do.

    - I had no problem importing the html from my getresponse capture page into the offer page editor.

    - Some days were close, but they haven’t gone below my package minimum yet.

    Their tech support has been stellar in the small back and forth I have had so far, both pre sale and post. This has been a very seamless way to integrate offline advertising into my ad campaign, and during my time so far, it’s been quite surprisingly profitable.
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    If you have an attractive offer, it is possible to get very good results from a newspaper campaign like this. My first sale was an OTO with a small upsell on the backend.

    It’s safer (and cheaper) than buying from newspapers directly and you can throttle your results because they let you change the groups of states your newspaper traffic comes from.

    My only gripe is I’m still on Package 2 because Package 3 spots have not been opened up again yet. I really wish they had some type of reservation system to hold my place in line for when they do open.
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    I’ve been researching and examining reviews on this service, reaching out to members to ask them questions directly. Specifically:

    Which zones do you get the best results in.
    What offer page strategy delivers the best results in those said zones.

    The general consensus seems to vary based on what members are promoting and the price point; all falling within the “home business/MMO” industry.

    From my experience, offline traffic can be extremely profitable when the right approach is taken. The tricky part is getting it, and how much you pay for it. This “co-op” style newspaper campaign is quite genius. I don’t think anyone could make newspaper advertising profitable without the co-op format.

    I’m going to join today.
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    Originally Posted by Marc Lawrence View Post

    Has anyone tried this service?
    I’m using them and I’ve added them to my small rolodex of ad sellers you can trust on Facebook.
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    Seems very interesting (newspapers ads).
    Other people that are using the service? ...wanna see more proofs
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    I’ve been part of Newspapers Alive for 2 months. It was a good opening experience for me BECAUSE I was a complete beginner. You really only need to worry about 2 things after you join. (1) change your zones (if you want to) every week and (2) make sure your offer page is saved with the content you want current visitors to see. I originally wondered if my actual domain would be run in the newspapers but after watching the first backoffice video I now understand how they rotate visitors through the zones via their own registered domain names. Again, zone selecting and offer page are you’re only responsibilities and even then, you can just keep the same zones all the time and the same offer page and it won’t hurt you.
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    I just joined as customer, not an affiliate and this is working.
    It's just as good as the videos and reviews make it out to be...

    Here are some stats from 1 day of each of my offer page designs.

    Offer Page 1: Total 234 visitors: 77 offer page clicks
    Zone 1 (65 Visitors/26.15% CTR) Zone 3 (133 Visitors/34.59% CTR) Zone 10 (36 Visitors 38.89% CTR)

    Offer Page 2: Total 213 visitors: 62 offer page clicks
    Zone 1 (48 Visitors/37.50% CTR) Zone 2 (67 Visitors/29.85% CTR) Zone 3 (98 Visitors 24.49% CTR)

    Of course your stats depend on fine tuned your
    offer page is, I’m just sharing mine.

    Glad I tested this service out. That's what you've
    got to do when new things come out like this.
    You never know exactly how they're going to perform,
    And sometimes, just sometimes you stumble across
    Something as promising as this.

    Hope this helps.

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