Why I am Liking Udimi Again

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well, some in here might not realise this,

but ....

1) UDIMI is a good resource for solo ads

2) Alot of people have moved away from solo ads.

First lets touch on 1) Udimi, I have seen talked about in here alot lately. I moved away from udimi for a while, because I felt the traffic quality and lead quality had gone down.

Now as an expert marketer, with a 6 figure a year business, I realise that you sit in your chair and have to make a choice. You should not be sitting there, wondering what you should be doing. I will give you a cheat sheet, build a landing page and get a chit ton of traffic to your landing page, as much as you can. That should be your daily goal. I do this, and average lets say a few hundred leads a day.

Now before you say HOLY HECK thats awesome. I stepped away from udimi, as i felt for every 4 leads, It was really 1, as the lead quality had gone down.

Leads were leads on someone elses, and I figured the UDIMI vendors were just swapping leads with eachother. It ended up being swamped, and the lead quality went down.

It was quit annoying, because I did have a favourite vendor and after gettting sales, usually it went right down. When i asked him, and he fessed up, he was just swapping leads with other leaders inside. I was not happy, but to cut a long story short, I just clapped my hands and told myself, to leave the place.

Now fast forward a few years, and here is what has happened, so you must listen up if you like solo ads.

2) Alot of people have moved away from solo ads. ....

Well, yes, but they are starting to come back. I think the guys inside of UDIMI are slowly realizing its a place based on REPUTATION, there is that R word. So after leaving, I had heard rumors that the vendors and well known ones were not just swapping, as it was giving them bad and negative feedback. It was also turning the big vendors into the most hated ones very fast.

So there is a communication I feel amongst solo ads leaders and vendors and they are slowly realizing they are KILLING and or BITING The hand that feeds them. Or so they thought...... and it seems they are not practicing this any more. Meaning their email lists do not consists just of leads, or leads on others list inside of the platform.

I did agree that solo ads were becoming sort of saturated, but I know a 7 figure marketer who loves solo ads, and uses it daily to generate fresh leads and sales each week.

even he moved away for a while as he could see the writing on the wall. Solo ads were becoming saturated, and in the end you were just getting leads or someones leads, if that makes sense. They were reused and recycled, and were not fresh.

However, fast forward today and I believe things are revitalizing a bit i believe, its a bit harder to find a good vendor to buy the ads from, but small tests are working very good for me, infact so good, I am very surprised.

Some lists and vendors have been hit, and smudge-end to death, but if you do take time to get to know your provide and solo ads seller, you can find some very good ones in 2017. I always tell my clients to chat with them, get to know them, and get to know what sort of people are on their list, and how fresh they are. If you ask these questions first, you can not only save heartache, but time and money as well.

There are pros and cons with any marketing strategy online. But SOLO ads i have had a love hate relationship with. I think the hate always came because I did not do enough research before I handed over my money. So let that be a lesson for you all. However you need to realise, as a business owner, solo ads and getting fresh leads on your list each day is a great way to generate a following and good income, for you offers and things you a promoting.

Realistically without traffic and leads coming into your business each day....you are going to die a painful death....infact this is the lifeblood to any ONLINE business, but it seems UDIMI and I are in favor again, so I thought I would pass this along. Its just my humble opinion.

The only warning is that you need to spend more time researching and looking for good providers with top tier traffic, and that have fresh lists. 95% top tier, so not traffic from like the back of india or ubakistan...... You can still find these providers..... They are fewer and further between, but you must know they are still out there!!!!

Solo ads do work, if you work them. So reserach, test small with a vendor and if you see results, upscale SIMPLE.

Hope this helps.

- Celente.
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    Thanks for this...I'll probably revisit this again based upon your comments above

    The thing is I feel I spent sooo much money running ads forwarded to a Get Response lead capture page with only a moderate return. This is probably a good ad source overall, so I'll have to just push past my own gun shyness.
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    Myself and an associate tried Udemy (again) a couple of months ago.

    We used several vendors, and got a few opt-ins. Our mutual conclusion is that they are still just swapping emails. If you look at the "Buyers" section of who is buying what from whom, you will notice that there are a lot of "Sellers" buying from the other sellers. You are right, it is not good practice, or business.

    I will still not use them again - at least not now.
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