A Possible Scam, Despite their 2x Money Back Guarantee.

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I watched a webinar today on some guy with a system to make money buying and reselling books off of Amazon, Half.com, etc. and it all seems pretty logical. He created a course and software that comes out to about $1000 a piece and about $100/mo for access to updates and their mastermind community. The clicker? If you follow his system exactly and don't make 2x the amount you paid, he'll refund you 2x what you paid (so about $2200.)

I didn't buy the system of course but I do see a real opportunity here (the mispricings in the online book market.) After thinking about why this guy would give away his system, I kind of have a theory now. He probably can make bank using his fancy software to scan the web for cheap books and resell them for higher prices (esp via Amazon's exchange program which guarantees a payout via gift cards.) It's probably a ton of work to do this, and you won't know this until you buy his system. Then when you buy it, you probably realize you'll need to pull 50+ hour work weeks just to make $2200 or more in 2 months. By then, it's too late to ask for a refund unless you follow the system and sacrifice nearly all of your free time in doing so. You'll probably get paid the equivalent of less than minimum wage using his system.

Does this sound like a new wave of "scams" coming around these days? Legally speaking, this product isn't a scam since it delivers, but you probably need to put in a ridiculous amount of time to get it working that your eventual payout is essentially below minimum wage.
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