PLR Pro: Anyone Using It These Days?

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I was a PLR Pro member "back in the day" when it was just a PLR membership site. They have totally revamped their offering. Now it seems to be way more than just PLR content. It seems to be a complete and total management system with everything - templates, plr content, article marketing network, etc. etc. but it isn't cheap anymore either - $147/month.

Is anyone here using the "new" PLR Pro? If so, care to share the pros and cons of it as I'm considering it.


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    They're in the process of splitting it up into smaller pieces. They got too ambitious, tried to produce a 'press one button' solution and got caught up in a lot of technical problems. Even the PLR, which was always quality, started to suffer.

    Once it's back in manageable chunks, it should be a good program again.


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