Who is better than Godaddy? I'm FURIOUS!

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hey Warriors.
what a nice surprise. this morning I got an email from GoDaddy that says there was a problem with my credit card. I assumed I must have forgotten to renew the expiry date, but when I checked I saw that I had done that two months ago.

Tried to call them but kept getting '10 minute wait' warnings.

Then I discovered that the 5 accounts that were to renew yesterday are all SUSPENDED! What, no warning there is a problem???

I'm furious. And still can't get through to them. Now I'm wondering if I should just take this opportunity to move the domains rather than pay Godaddy anymore money.

What do you guys think? Who has good deals on domain registrar services these days? Used to be Godaddy was the cheapest,and that is why I went with them. But this has me fuming!

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    Name.com is the place man.

    Go there.
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    I used to ahve all my domains with godaddy like most people when they start out changed to name cheap a few years ago and have absolutely no problem since
    La dominatrix

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    I have been with namecheap for 5 long years. Extremely satisfy with them. The interface is 100% way better than Godaddy. Godaddy cp panel is slow and sluggish and not user friendly. Namecheap got almost every tools for you to manage your domain that you dont even need any support from them to manage your domain!
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    I have always used Dotster. They are a bit more expensive but I've used them since 1998. The also have a reseller program so you buy/renew domains for $12. They have always been nice to me and I no complaints.

    I wish you the best of luck--

    Michael Cruz
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    You won't wait for just 10 minutes to talk to someone?
    I did that 3 times the other day (yes, with GD).

    Get a headset. Listen and work on your computer. If it's important to your business, it's worth a 10 minute wait. Especially when you can be doing OTHER things while waiting.

    Sorry -- got the finger violins here for ya....
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      thanks everyone for your responses. I will take a look at these other registrars and of course keep trying to find out what is happening.

      Just to clarify:

      Originally Posted by zapseo View Post

      You won't wait for just 10 minutes to talk to someone?
      I waited 10 minutes, and then 10 more minutes and then 10 more minutes after that...watching my Skype account slowly drain. What I'm saying is I didn't hang up after they said I would have to wait ten minutes. The queue never got any shorter. Finally after about a half hour I had to leave for an appointment. Meanwhile I was emailing them and yes, working on other things.

      A lot of Credit Card problems are beyond their control.
      This is a godaddy problem. There is nothing wrong with the card.

      I use and recommend GoDaddy. I get notices far in advance of any expiration by email.
      My domains are on autorenew.

      What I'm pissed about is simply this: I got an email this morning that said there was a problem with my card. My sites were already suspended. I wasn't even given an opportunity to rectify the problem.

      That would be like your landlord telling you that your rent cheque bounced and when you get to your store it is padlocked shut.

      On top of that, it is their mistake. So I'm losing business all day today. pathetic.

      Anyway, thanks for the responses, I'll take a look at some of these other providers.
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    I love Dynadot! You have a "grace period" of 100 hours or so where you can return a domain name for a credit, say, if you realize a bit too late that your awesome niche phrase is really crap.

    But don't ask me how I know that. LOL
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    The "daddy" has always been problematic in ways that most people won't notice, until you get an email telling you that due to a spam complaint, your domain (and entire account) has been confiscated. (see NoDaddy.Com - Exposing the Many Reasons Not to Trust GoDaddy with Your Domain Names)

    I highly recommend Moniker.com and NameCheap.com.
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    I've never had a problem with Godaddy. I would certainly wait 10 minutes to straighten it out. Every time I've ever called, they've fixed the problem and refunded me when I needed a refund. Only product they have that I wouldn't touch is their hosting. Worse hosting in the world. I use Namecheap also, but I can usually get my domains cheaper with Godaddy.
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    I use vodadomains and vodahost. I find the service excellent and they've a great website builder balled Bluevoda. It's very cool.
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    You can blame them but it won't fix anything.

    I use and recommend GoDaddy. I get notices far in advance of any expiration by email. Then they do a lot of follow up when you decide to cancel or let a domain expire.

    My biggest gripe with GoDaddy is all the annoying presells when you try to purchase something.

    I've never had an issue with their tech support and they have always resolved my problems quickly.

    You can move your sites but you'll be down a few extra days. You need to wait out the time on the phone and in the meantime send them emails.

    I'll bet by tomorrow the issue is completely resolved.

    If not the come back with followup to your problems. I'd like to know why they didn't "fix" your issue if they didn't.

    A lot of Credit Card problems are beyond their control. Usually the bank or merchant processor. They are a business that uses software to track these things. If you were running a business and got a declined card you would do the same thing.
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    I used to have godaddy only have one domain on their now. I use namecheap now.
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    This week had godaddy make me wait three days to redirect my DNS. Hey my main site was down three whole days. I feel your pain. OK so far no problems with my other domains on namesecure. Godaddy reminds me of MANica Patrick. They play fast and loose with customers.
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    They have great support.
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      I have heard bad things before about Godaddy. They don't seem to communicate very well, and act before giving their user's a chance. I have never had problems with namecheap.


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    I'll throw in with James on Namecheap.com. they are cheaper, offer free privacy and free ssl AND you can use SWITCH2NC on first time registrations, transfers and renewals. And the customer support is quick. As for hosting, I use HASTYHOST - affordable web hosting | shared, reseller, and e-commerce.
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    Just about anyone is better than Godaddy.
    I use 1and1 for my hosting and to purchase my domains.
    Although they don't have cpanel, I am very satisfied with their service, tech support, and domain prices.

    .net and .info are $4.99 for the first year and $8.99 after that.
    .com is $8.99 p/y
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    1. s**t happens. Without talking to GD and giving them a chance to rectify their mistake, or hear their side of the story, I think you're going off half-cocked. Yes, I wouldn't be unhappy. But in the 20+ years I've been online, having a site down for a few days is HARDLY the worst thing I've experienced. In fact, a whole ton of my domains were down a few weeks ago -- and my hosting company didn't even notify me! I had to sit on top of them, instead.
    If your business model is so fragile that a few days' hosting is going to take it down in flames, you should consider other businesses or other plans of how you run your business. Problems are simply a part of doing business. They happen. Yes, you can lose money. Oh well.
    2. if your money was draining on skype, I suggest getting a monthly skype out plan. I don't know about Canada -- but I have unlimited calling out in the US and Canada (and I don't know where else) for a whopping $2.95.
    3. If it took GD 3 days to re-direct your DNS, without knowing the details, I'd guess there are some ICANN issues involved. If you've recently re-registered a domain with a different registrar, there are some restrictions that have nothing to do with the registrar specifically.
    4. I've nearly alway found GD technical support to be polite (undeservedly so, when I've been upset -- I was very impressed with their professional attitude), easily understaood, and more than willing to spend as much time as I needed to get a problem resolved. I've never felt talked down to, I've never had trouble understanding them (maybe it's the fact that they are mostly in Arizona?). I may have spent over 10 minutes waiting (I love knowing how long, on skype,, lol) -- but they equally spent extensive times with me.
    5. My biggest gripe with GD I actually described in another post from last month, after that day where I called them up 3 times: it's virtually impossible to figure out, easily, all the things they are charging you for.
    6. And yes, I wouldn't use their hosting. In fact, I told them during one of the aforementioned conversations that their hosting has a pretty unhappy rep (that I tend to agree with, which also comes from a script installer's and a script owner's opinion.)

    Everyone loves to complain.

    And, people do need the opportunity to vent.

    But give people the opportunity to make it right. The number of things that can go wrong boggle the mind. In fact, it can be kind of amusing.

    Live JoyFully!

    Judy -- sometimes curmudgeonly copywriter, sometimes laid back "let it be"
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      I used GoDaddy when I first started online, but now I switched to name.com Now I have all my domains with name.com their support is great and I never had any problems with them. Their prices are good also, so I would recommend you to go with them.

      "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill
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    I use GoDaddy, 1&1 but recently more mydomain.com

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