Who is better than Godaddy? I'm FURIOUS!

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hey Warriors.
what a nice surprise. this morning I got an email from GoDaddy that says there was a problem with my credit card. I assumed I must have forgotten to renew the expiry date, but when I checked I saw that I had done that two months ago.

Tried to call them but kept getting '10 minute wait' warnings.

Then I discovered that the 5 accounts that were to renew yesterday are all SUSPENDED! What, no warning there is a problem???

I'm furious. And still can't get through to them. Now I'm wondering if I should just take this opportunity to move the domains rather than pay Godaddy anymore money.

What do you guys think? Who has good deals on domain registrar services these days? Used to be Godaddy was the cheapest,and that is why I went with them. But this has me fuming!

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